New Students - Steps to Take

Step #1

Complete a Yuba College Application ONLINE
Apply Now!

You will receive your 7 digit Yuba College ID# via email

Step #2

Complete the On-Line Orientation

  • Yuba College ID (first letter of student lastname followed by ID#)
  • password: your DOB as 6 digit # MMDDYY

Step #3

Complete the College Placement Test

It is important that you do your best on this test.
You are encouraged take the online sample tests
You should also review your math knowledge.

If you have already completed college level English or math courses, the placement exam may not be necessary. Call for additional information 530.741.6864

Once you have completed the sample test, you are ready to take the College Placement Test

You do not need an appointment, but you should check the Testing Office schedule. Allow two hours for the test. Bring your photo I.D and your Yuba College ID#.

If you have taken a Placement Test at a different college you might not need to retake it at Yuba College. Fax your scores to the placement office 530.749.3872 along with your Yuba College ID# to be evaluated.

Meet with a Counselor after completing the Online Orientation and Placement Test to receive help in developing your schedule.

Schedule an appointment with a couselor to develop a Student Educational Plan during your first semester.

Step #4

Meet with a Counselor to develop your class schedule

Visit the counseling department after completing your Application, Online Orientation and Placement Test to receive help developing your Class Schedule and Abbreviated Educational Plan.

You can schedule an appointment or come in on available walk-in times. 530.634.7766

You will be able to register for classes once the New Student Steps are Completed!

You have 10 days after you register to pay your fees You may be eligible for Financial Aid

Don't assume you won't qualify - APPLY NOW!

Apply for FAFSA online. (assistance is available on campus)
Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOG)
Apply for WebGrants for Students

Send official Transcripts immediately from all colleges you have previously attended.
MAIL TO: Yuba College-Transcripts Office, 2088 North Beale Road, Marysville, CA 95901


Register online for your classes:

1. Go to Web Advisor/Online Registration

2. Click tab at the top of screen "Log in"

3. Under User ID: Type in the first letter of your last name, CAPITALIZED, and then your 7 digit student ID number

4. Type in your password. It should be the 2-digit month, day, and the last 2-digit year of your birthday, with no dashes or spaces. Example: April 8, 1981 would be "040881". Unless you have already changed your password

5. Click on box "Submit", Click the box "Students"

6. Under registration at the bottom left of the screen, click "Register for Sections"

7. Click "Express Registration"

8. Type in the 4-digit class code number for the desired class

9. Skip filling in the columns titled Subject, Course Number, & Section Number

10. Select the term you are registering for

11. Scroll down and click "Submit"

12. Using the scroll bar on the left of each selection (under the "Preferred Sections" box), choose the appropriate action: Register, Remove from List, or Waitlist. (if the class says, "Open", you can click on "Register", if the class is "Waitlisted" you must click on "Waitlist". If this is a class you do not want to register for, click on "Remove from List"

13. Double check to make sure the classes you have chosen are correct

Scroll down and click "Submit" Scroll down and click "OK"

Remember to print a copy of your schedule from WebAdvisor as your verification of enrollment.


You have 10 days after you register to pay your fees or you will be dropped from your classes for non-payment

Drop for non-campus begins 10 days after you first register for classes

Pay all College Fees – Set up a Payment Plan

Pay for classes/payment option Make sure that you have dropped any classes that you do not plan on attending before you choose a payment plan.

If you do NOT drop by the REFUND DEADLINE – you will OWE the fees for your classes. You may not obtain transcripts, your diploma, or register for future semesters if you owe fees.

Purchase your Parking Permit

Be prepared with the following items: a valid credit (or debit card), a valid mailing address, information about your primary vehicle (make, model, vehicle type, year, color, and license plate information, state of issue).
1. Go to and login to WebAdvisor;
2. Go to the "Students" Link;
3. Look under the "User Account" block – top left;
4. Click on "Order Parking Permit";
5. On the WebAdvisor Order Parking Permit page – click on the "Order Parking Permit"
Purchase your books online – You can get a list of required textbooks, purchase your books online, find information about store locations, or purchase Yuba College spirit merchandise.

You Are Ready To Start Your Classes!

Attend class on the first day of instruction to avoid being dropped from your course(s).

Keep a copy of your schedule to remember the dates, times, and locations of your classes.

Take advantage of the numerous instructional support services on campus.

Get to know your instructors – inside and outside the classroom. They can be your greatest allies