2021-2022 Yuba College Academic Senate Goals (in alphabetical order)

Short-term Goals

  1. Advocate for the inclusion of faculty feedback in administrator evaluations (Ha, Selden, Spina, Wasinger).
  2. Develop a mutually agreed upon scheduling process (Noffsinger, Ha, Spina).
  3. Improved orientation for new senators and better training on the Brown Act (Selden, Reynolds).
  4. Participate in the restructuring plan for governance structure (Noffsinger, O’Keefe-Schwering, Schrettner).
  5. Provide leadership in revising the faculty hiring process (Noffsinger, Jensen-Martin).
  6. Pursue training that allows us to reexamine policies through an equity lens and revise them to ensure they are inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist (Ha, Noffsinger).
  7. Support the Senate subcommittees in goal completion by establishing a meeting of committee chairs, and evaluate and improve document accuracy and accessibility (Schrettner, Selden).

Long-term/Ongoing Goals

  1. Advocate for and participate in the planning of how teaching and learning will proceed in disaster situations or disruption of a semester (O’Keefe-Schwering, Reynolds, Schrettner and Selden).
  2. Advocate for an individual Academic and Student Services Plan for each campus within the EMP (Jensen-Martin, Selden).
  3. Advocate for full-time faculty hires (Jensen-Martin, Noffsinger, Spina).
  4. Continue to review and make recommendations about the faculty evaluation process for full-time and part-time faculty, including reviewing the differences in modality (O’Keefe-SchweringWasinger).
  5. Improve the process for district resource allocation and college budget and advocate for professional development opportunities (Ha, Noffsinger, Selden, Spina).
  6. Reevaluate our Senate processes (Ha, Selden, Wasinger).