2019-2020 Yuba College Academic Senate Goals

  1. Continue to review and support the faculty evaluation process for full-time and part-time faculty (Gilbreath and O’Keefe-Schwering)
  2. Provide leadership in revising the faculty hiring process (C. Noffsinger, Chetra, Jensen-Martin)
  3. Advocate for opportunities for full-time and part-time faculty to participate in Guided Pathways and encourage faculty’s active participation (Gilbreath)
  4. Advocate for part-time faculty’s effective participation in the college’s governance (Gilbreath, C. Noffsinger, Oesau).
  5. Advocate for full-time faculty hires ( Flacks, Spina)
  6. Support and monitor the implementation of AB 705 (C. Noffsinger and Oesau)
  7. Advocate for faculty participation on committees (Ha, C. Noffsinger)
  8. Develop an updated tenure process, in consultation with FAYCCD (Spina, Schrettner)
  9. Develop a clear budget process that is mutually agreed upon with the district and Woodland Community College (E. Flacks, C. Noffsinger)
  10. Advocate for all students to have equitable access to tutoring, instructional and technical support services across the college (Chetra, Ha)
  11. Develop a process for committee appointments (Jensen-Martin)