YCAS Goals 2018-2019

  1. Work  on  closing  the  gap  on  Student  Success
    • Complete the implementation of the new professional development faculty evaluation process (E.Flacks, C. Noffsinger)
    • Provide leadership in revising the faculty hiring process (Chetra, Jensen-Martin)
    • Encourage active participation in Guided Pathways (Boren, Gilbreath)
    • Advocate for full-time faculty hires (E. Flacks, Spina)
    • Re-investigate the implementation of Compressed Calendar (E. Flacks, C. Noffsinger, Oesau, Schrettner)
    • Support  and  monitor  the  implementation  of  AB  705
  2. Encourage ongoing participation in the accreditation process (E. Flacks, Reynolds)
  3. Evaluate the developed process for mutual collaboration with FAYCCD and YC-AFT in areas of shared responsibility (E. Flacks, C. Noffsinger, D. Sorensen)
  4. Advocate for faculty participation on committees (Ha, C. Noffsinger)
  5. Develop an updated tenure process, in consultation with FAYCCD (Spina, Schrettner)
  6. Advocate for faculty involvement in administrator evaluations (Spina, Schrettner)
  7. Participate in the facilities usage process and ensure that there are adequate facilities for teaching and learning, including monitoring the impact of closing rooms/buildings on FTES (E. Flacks, Jensen-Martin)