Associate in Science

Required Courses Units
GNBUS 30 (substitution for BCA 15) Business Computer Applications — Beginning 3
GNBUS 10 Introduction to Global Business 3
GNBUS 18A Business Law 3
GNBUS 56 Business Mathematics 3
ECON 1A Elementary Economics-Macro  3
GNBUS 5 or GNBUS 10 (substitutions for MGMT 5 OR MGMT 10)  Introduction to Supervision or Principles of Management  3
Plus 3 units from the following:  
ACCT 1 & 1A (substitution for ACCT 1L ) Principles of Accounting-Financial and Lab 4.5
ACCT 2L Principles of Accounting-Managerial 5
ACCT 6 Individual Income Tax 4
COUNS 25 (substitution for GNBUS 25) Career Planning 3
GNBUS 9 (substitution for MGMT 35) Management Psychology 3
GNBUS 52 (substitution for OA 52/GNBUS 52) Business English 3
SPECH 1 OR SPECH 6 Public Speaking OR Group Communication 3
Total units required for major units 21

Students earning an AA/AS degree must complete a minimum of 18 units of General Education requirements, the multicultural graduation requirement, and the health requirement, in addition to the program units listed here. Students must complete a total of 60 degree applicable units to earn an AA or AS. Please see your counselor for additional information.