Legal Office Skills (Associate in Science) 

Required Courses Units
GNBUS 33 (substitution for BCA 33A) Introduction to Excel 1
GNBUS 55B (substitution for  OA 15B) Intermediate Keyboarding 3
GNBUS 32 (substitution for  OA 17) Word Processing I 3
*OA 17 B Word Processing II 3
GNBUS 52 (substitution for OA 52) Business English 3
GNBUS 53 (substitution for OA 53) Filing 3
GNBUS 60 (substitution for OA 60) General Office Procedures 3
 GNBUS 63 (substitution for OA 63) Legal Office Procedures 3
 Total major units required 21

*Please see your counselor for options to petition to substitute this course.

Students earning an AA/AS degree must complete a minimum of 18 units of General Education requirements, the multicultural graduation requirement, and the health requirement, in addition to the program units listed here. Students must complete a total of 60 degree applicable units to earn an AA or AS. Please see your counselor for additional information.