Office Administration

Office Administration Certificate of Achievement
These certificates prepare students with office administration job-ready skills and addresses the vocational needs of the business community.


Required CORE Courses

OA 15A Beginning Keyboarding 3
OA 15B Intermediate Keyboarding 3
OA 17A Word Processing I. 3
OA 17B Word Processing II 3
OA 21 Business Communications 3
OA 22 Machine Calculations 1.5
OA 52 Business English 3
OA 53 Filing 1
OA 60 General Office Procedures 4
OA 61 Advanced Office Procedures 4
BCA 15 Business Computer Applications – Beginning….. 3

Students who complete only the required CORE courses will receive a certificate of Achievement in Office Administration.  In addition, students may elect to complete additional courses to reflect one or more of the following concentrations:

Certificate of Achievement

Required Courses
GNBUS 10 Intro. to Global Business 3
GNBUS 56 Business Mathematics 3
MGMT 5 Introduction to Supervision 3
MGMT 10 Principles of Management 3
CWEE45A or 45B 3

Certificate of Achievement

Required Courses Units
GNBUS 56 Business Mathematics 3
OA 22 Machine Calculations 1
OA 59 General Transcription 1
CWEE45A or 45B 1-7

Certificate of Achievement

Required Courses Units
OA 59 General Transcription 1
OA 63 Legal Office Procedures 3
GNBUS 18A Business Law or equivalent 3
CWEE45A or 45B 1-7

Certificate of Achievement

Required Courses Units
OA 54A
OA 54B
Beginning Medical Terminology
Advanced Medical Terminology
NURS 51 Medical Terminology 3
OA 55 Medical Transcription 3
OA 59 General Transcription 1
OA 65 Medical Office Procedures 3
CWEE45A or 45B 1-7

Certificate of Achievement

Required  Courses Units
BCA 41 Windows 1
OA 6 Advanced Office Procedures 4

BCA 15R – Business Computer Applications            (3 Units)  CSU
Develop a beginning/intermediate level of skills using the Microsoft Office Professional Edition Program.  Basic features of Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint are covered along with how to create simple integrated office documents.  No prior experience is required. (LM)
BCA 41B—Windows              (1 unit)  CSU
Introduction to Windows  environment and its capabilities; use of Windows XP and its graphical user interface to communicate with personal computers; apply Windows XP features, concepts, applications, and procedures. Grades are P/NP. (LM)
GNBUS 10— Introduction to Global Business  (3units) CSU/UC
Introduction to the diverse activities of business in a changing environment.  Topics include ethics, e-commerce, diversity motivation, management, organization, marketing, and human resources with an emphasis on global business.  Focus on the exploration and understanding of race, culture, gender, and ethnicity in corporate America.  Understand the development of a competitive advantage in global and international business.

GNBUS 18— Business Law   (3units) CSU/UC
Law and its relationship to business.  Laws and regulations affecting managerial decisions.  Dispute resolution, torts, contracts, government regulations and other areas of commercial law explored through case analysis.  Other legal concepts explored include ethics, employment, consumer transactions, competition, the environment, agency, and business organizations.  Not open to student with credit in GNBUS 20A, 20B, and 20C. (L)

GNBUS 56 — Business Mathematics             (3 units)

Prerequisite: GNBUS100 or equivalent background.  Math analysis typically found in corporate and personal business including math found in accounting, real estate, finance, banking and retail. Understand terminology in various aspects of business. Develop methods of problem solving.  Develop analytical thinking skills to understand problem, determine solution, and interpret results. For business and non-business majors. (L,M)
MGMT 5—Introduction to Supervision   (3 units) CSU
Introduction to role of the supervisor; understanding the basic fundamentals of supervision; designed for the potential working supervisor. (L)
MGMT 10—Principles of Management   (3 units) CSU
Managerial and organizational theory and practice; planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling; focus on the role, functions, and responsibilities of management in a contemporary organization. (L)
OA 15A – Beginning Keyboarding  (3 Units) CSU
Acquire basic beginning level of keyboarding and basic document formatting.  (L)
OA 15B – Intermediate Keyboarding  (3 Units) CSU
Refinement of basic keyboarding skills and to complete more advanced level of document formatting to the intermediate level of competency.  (L)
OA 17A – Word Processing  (3 Units) CSU
Introduction to basic word processing operations such as document formatting, editing, saving and retrieving, printing, and merging. (L) (Repeatable: May be taken four times only.)
OA 17B—Word Processing II   (3 units) CSU
Advanced word processing operations involving long and multiple-part documents, mail merge, forms, styles and themes, and work group features. Prerequisite: None; OA 17AR or equivalent recommended. Co-requisite:  OA 13C.  (L)
OA 21—Business Communications   (3 units) CSU
Development and refinement of written and oral business communication skills, including composing, editing, proofreading, and document preparation to mailable standards. Prerequisite: None; OA 52 or GNBUS 52 with a grade of “C” or better recommended; keyboarding/word processing ability (OA 15A, OA 17AR, or equivalent is recommended) as all work must be typed.  Not open for credit for students with credit in GNBUS 21. (L)
OA 22 – Machine Calculation            (1.5 Units) CSU
Skill development in the operation of the electronic display and printing calculators. Functions include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, memory, percentages, and interest calculations to solve typical business problems. Speed and accuracy by touch method emphasized.  (LM)
OA 52—Business English   (3 units)
Review of English grammar with applications for written and oral business communications. Not open for credit to student with credit in GNBUS 52. (L)
OA 53—Filing   (1 unit)
Introduction to the methods in coding and filing business correspondence for manual storage and retrieval; filing systems covered include alphabetic, serial numeric, terminal digit numeric, subject, and geographic. Grades are P/NP.  (L)
OA 54A—Beginning Medical Terminology   (2 units)
Familiarization with medical terminology from programmed text outlining word structure, definitions, and usage. Primarily intended for those who are preparing for a career in health or business, with an emphasis on clerical support staff responsibilities. Not open for credit to student with credit in OA 54. (L)
OA 54B—Advanced Medical Terminology   (2 units)
Continuation of OA 54A; further development and refinement of medical terminology skills; primarily intended for those who are preparing for a career in health or business with an emphasis on clerical support staff responsibilities.  Prerequisite:  OA 54A  (L)
OA 55 – Medical Word Processing  (3 Units)
Medical document editing utilizing partial speech recognition documentation/voice processing and transcription from physician dictation. Course work will encompass general medical/surgical and specialties such as OB-GYN, pediatrics, orthopedics, and cardiovascular medicine. Prerequisite: OA 17BR, OA 52 or GNBUS 52, NURS 51A and 51B;  or equivalent experience or course work; NURS 51B may be taken concurrently.  (L)
OA 59—General Transcription   (2 units)
Method and practice in editing and transcribing dictated business correspondence using transcribing machine units and computer-based word processing software. Material simulates correspondence in various areas of business. (L)
OA 60 – General Office Procedures  (4 Units)
Skills and procedures necessary in an automated office. Office information systems technology and procedures; telecommunications; information processing; mail and phone systems; time management; public relations and human relations skills; and ethics.  (L)
OA 61—Advanced Office Procedures   (4 units)
Develop and apply advanced level of principles, knowledge, and skills necessary for the proper operation of the automated office; emphasis is on higher level administrative assistant skills such as analysis, communication, decision-making, and supervision principles. Prerequisite: OA 15B. (LM)
OA 63—Legal Office Procedures   (3 units)
Legal office environment, current legal office procedures, and preparation of legal documents using automated equipment. Prerequisite:  OA 15A or OA 17AR.  (LM)
OA 65—Medical Office Procedures   (3 units)
Medical office duties, medical transcription, and training in preparation of medical records and standard forms; role of the allied health administrative medical assistant.  Prerequisite: OA 15A or OA 17AR or equivalent is recommended (ability to use word processing software as all work must be typed. (L)