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Committee: Curriculum Committee Co-Chair: Meridith Selden, Psychology

Faculty Co-Chair: Daren Otten, Vice President

Faculty Curriculum Support Coordinator: Carrie Wasinger

Purpose Statement:  The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee established by the Academic Senate. It is responsible for ensuring the quality, currency, and planning of the College curriculum.


  • Under the purview of the Academic Senate, recommends the future direction of the educational program and curricula offerings of the College.
  • Promotes development of curricula and courses that meet the identified needs of the students, community, regional work places, and global society.
  • Ensures that general education and associate degree requirements are appropriate to meet the goals of the College and the needs of students and the communities the College serves.
  • Determines the appropriateness of new and revised course or educational program proposals for departments or disciplines.
  • Ensures the quality, consistency, integrity, and feasibility of the College curriculum.
  • Ensures compliance with statewide educational policy and articulation with other educational institutions.
  • Ensures that all Course Outlines of Record are updated every five years.
  • Ensures that courses that have not been offered in more than three years and degrees and certificates that have not been awarded in more than five years are inactivated.
  • Assists department faculty in completing appropriate Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC), obtaining Course Identification Number (C-ID) approval, and submitting Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs).
  • Establishes and monitors the work of subcommittees.
  • Examines topical instructional issues of major importance to the College. • Trains faculty in the use of CurricUNET Meta. Decision Making Model:
  • The Committee operates with the College Shared Decision-Making Model.
  • Committee Co-Chairs and members will carry out responsibilities assigned to this Committee and function under the Team Roles as defined in the College Council Handbook.
  • Issues outside the Committee will be referred to the Academic Senate for direction/adjudication.
  • Members of the committee will solicit input from the campus community and maintain an open dialog with colleagues during all aspects of the college curriculum approval process.

Recommendations go to:

  • Academic Senate
  • College President
  • Vice President of Academic and Student Services

How work is communicated:

  • Agendas and minutes are posted on the Yuba College Curriculum Committee’s web site.
  • Committee members will communicate with their respective constituent groups.
  • Periodic progress reports will be given to the College President, Vice President of Academic and Student Services, and Academic Senate.

Meeting Schedule:

  • First and third Fridays of the month from 1:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Special meetings as needed with member approval