Last year, we embarked on an ambitious project to update all of our out-of-date courses. We are happy to announce that of the 143 courses that had not been revised in 5 years, 73 successful revisions/inactivations were launched into Meta during the 2016-2017 academic year. An additional 20 were moved to the Sunset List (scheduled for fall inactivation).

Well done!!! As a college, we’ve done a tremendous job of getting our courses in line, and the credit goes to the faculty for all your hard work.

That said, some courses are still out of compliance. Faculty are asked to launch revisions of these courses by March 15th, 2018. Courses remaining out of compliance after March 15th are at very high risk of not being scheduled for 2018-2019.

For a detailed list of what’s still out-of-date, check out the Out of Compliance List. (Updated January 4, 2018.)