Educational Master Plan

The Yuba College Educational Master Plan provides a current, comprehensive overview of the College and the community it serves, and it includes trend analyses and date projections intended to guide strategic and tactical planning over the coming years.  The Educational Master Plan articulates the current state of the College, defines how the College will achieve the District vision, and it provides a concrete roadmap for getting there. The Educational Master Plan is intended to provide direction for other planning documents including facilities, technology and staffing.  The EMP also provides guidance regarding how we make decisions on campus and it informs the resource allocation process.

The Educational Master Plan plays a foundational and integral role in Yuba College’s integrated planning process. It is intended to guide the institution so that the College maintains institutional focus and ensures that all programs and services are in alignment with the organizational mission.  Overall, the Yuba College Educational Master Plan is a forward looking, comprehensive planning document that defines the direction, growth, and evolution of the College.  It provides a framework and roadmap for advancing the College mission for a three-year period.

The Yuba College Educational Master Plan was written over a 15-month period. College Council managed the development process, as the Yuba College Council is comprised of representatives from all key college constituencies.   As Yuba College has many new faculty, staff, and administrators, an inclusive process was utilized to ensure that all employees had the opportunity to participate in the updating of the mission statement and the creation of a common vision for the future. The starting point for the development of the Yuba College EMP was a review of the District Strategic Plan to ensure alignment with the District Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals. As part of the Educational Master Plan development process, Yuba College updated its mission statement and developed guiding principles. The Council reviewed all College planning documents to confirm that these documents in combination:

  • Accurately reflect the College’s updated mission;
  • Provide a framework to ensure alignment of all College programs and services to the mission; and
  • Provide a clear roadmap for how the College will achieve the District vision.

A three-day retreat was held during the fall 2016 semester, providing faculty, classified and administrative leaders training in Compression Planning. Compression Planning is a systematic process that allows groups to provide input about complex problems and creates an actionable work plan. During the fall 2016 semester the College hosted two Compression Planning forums so that faculty, staff, students, administrators, and the community at large could participate in the development of the mission statement and provide information to guide the development of the EMP plan.  During the fall semester, eighty-two faculty, staff, students and administrators provided input and engaged in discussion about the future direction of the College.

Throughout the process, feedback was also solicited from the college community via surveys and through consultation with governance bodies. An EMP web page also was created to ensure the campus community had access to all planning documents, data, and draft reports. The draft plan was presented to governance bodies for discussion and additional input to ensure all campus stakeholders had the opportunity to review the document and provide additional input.

The visual below summarize the components included in the EMP. Through the Strategic Planning Process the Yuba Community College District Governing Board defines the organizational mission, vision and values; creating the overarching framework for the District.  The Board also creates Strategic Goals to which the College aligned its Strategic Objectives and Actions.  The College EMP is operationalized as employees ensure their actions and work further the College Objectives.

Graph of Educational Master Plan

The Educational Master Plan is a living document, which will be reviewed annually and substantially updated on a three-year cycle.  This cycle allows the plan and projections to be adapted in response to changing internal and external conditions and ensures the plan remains relevant to our educational institution.