Art and Photography

Art surrounds us every minute of every day.  Yuba College’s Associate’s degree in Art, focuses a student’s creative talent and develops the potential to become an imaginative thinker and effective visual communicator whether interested in the process of painting, advertisement layout, making a ceramic teapot or a company logo.  Ultimately, students will learn to think creatively, communicate visually and take artistic skills to the next level. 

Each year Yuba College students do just that. During the first two semesters, students focus on studio arts foundation course work in drawing, design, art history and color theory to help enhance creative abilities and develop the knowledge to become a creative thinker. Choices of specialization can include: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Watercolor, Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography, Graphic Design and Multimedia Design.

The Yuba College Art program has four specific degree program areas, with transferable course offerings toward four year CSU and UC institutions. Our program has a focus on the development of technical and conceptual skills for students in the fine arts, art history, photography and commercial design.

Graduates of our Art program develop strong foundation skills that they can then apply in the marketplace. All art majors fulfill credit in foundation classes that include basic drawing, design, art history, color theory and specific studio specialization. Students choose an area of studio emphasis from the following:

Drawing and Painting: This specialization focuses on developing aesthetic and technical skill in figure drawing, advanced painting, printmaking and watercolor, while also exploring unique creative potential for these materials.

The Studio Arts: This program provides foundations with emphasis in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional media using traditional fine arts materials in ceramics and sculpture.

Art history: Features a variety of course work with survey courses in Non Western Art, Asian Art and a two part survey Western Art history from prehistory to contemporary (twentieth century) art and Art appreciation.

Photography: This program features work in wet lab processes, Digital photography and photo imaging software, with advanced coursework in  aesthitics of black and white photo and photo documentary.

Commercial Art:  This program trains students in visual communication and design of ideas, for client based advertising, print media and the Web use. This specialization includes instruction in graphic art, basic design, digital image creation and advertising design.
All courses are taught by experienced, practicing artists who are passionate about what they teach and do professionally. This program focuses on the development of conceptual and technical skills. Along with foundation courses, students are encouraged to participate in specific areas of study through student art exhibitions. Class activities can include field trips to museums to broaden the understanding of the arts and stimulate creative process.

Completion of our program’s Art degree opens many exciting pathways to follow. Some graduates choose to apply their experience in the workplace. Many students transfer to four-year colleges or universities. A sample of career possibilities includes: Art history specialist, Museum or Gallery worker, Fine artist, ceramic artist, photographer, graphic designer and or multi media designer.