Yuba College Theatre Arts


Auditions for spring’s College Theatre and Technical Theatre in Performance are this week, select your preferred time.

Wed. January 27th at 7 pm

Thurs. January 28th at 7 pm

(Only one evening required)


Yuba College Theatre’s spring production will be a virtual performance, safe for actors and audience. Besides a diverse ensemble of actors and performers, we are looking for students interested in technical theatre, audio, video, and new media wizards.

College Theatre (Thart 29) is a 1-3 unit course for performers and stage managers, and Technical Theatre in Production is a 3 unit course for technicians and crew. Rehearsals are in the evenings on Zoom.

There will be virtual orientations and auditions on Zoom on Wednesday, January 27, and Thursday, Jan 28 at 7:00 pm for anyone interested in being part of the project.

Audition requirements for performers:

Present at least ONE of the following:

1. A monologue from a play (60-90 seconds)

2. Present a character based on observation of an adult, child, or animal. An improvised costume is encouraged.

3. Pick a painting and tell the story of the painting. It can be a story you have made up. You can act as the painting’s subject or a storyteller.  Provide a link to the painting at the audition

4. Present a political speech to an imagined audience of 10,000 attendees on a topic of great insignificance that is extremely important for your character.

5. Present a story of your college experience in the style of a film/stage genre (Noir, Gangster, Western, Science Fiction,  Musical, Opera, Tragedy, Farce, etc.)

6. Retell a story based on something you’ve read in the news. Bring the news article’s weblink to the audition.

Performers may be asked to improvise a scene or read an assigned text at the audition.

For technicians:

Please contact Joseph Stottmann, Technical Director, expressing your interest, jstottma@yccd.edu

You may register for your Zoom auditions from the links below

Wednesday, January 27 at 7:00 pm

Thursday, January 28 at 7:00 pm

If you can’t make these times but would like to audition, please contact James Gilbreath, jgilbrea@yccd.edu or 530-633-7262.

Performances will be in late April/early May.


THANK YOU to everyone who attended A Virtual Whodunnit: An Online Theatre Event by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus

Please consider a donation to the Yuba College Theatre Foundation to help support our theatre program and acting student’s success. Any amount helps, you can choose your donation amount by selecting “Other” on the donation page.


Fall play Virtual Whodunnit post

The fall play was  streamed live online Oct 22-24 at 7:30 pm, Oct 25 at 2 pm

Many thanks to the cast.

Detective Sloan

Liz Sutton

Liz Sutton is a theatre major who hopes to one day own her own theater and teach the next generation. She has been doing theater since she was in 8th grade and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Among her previous roles are Snow White, Kate Hardcastle (She Stoops to Conquer), Mary (Our County’s Good), Tillius (She Kills Monsters), and Martha (Spring Awakening)

Augustus Sterling

Ulyses Chavez
Ulyses Chavez is a theatre major and is in his third semester of acting. He has been in two other shows at the Yuba College Theatre performing Orcus (She Kills Monsters) and Moritz Stiefel (Spring Awakening.) This is his first Zoom play and is excited to present it to our viewers at home.

Haley Hawkins

Heather Manley
Heather Manley has been performing at Yuba College for many years in choir and theatre. Her favorite roles have included Alfieri in A View From the Bridge, Linda in Talk Radio, and Dabby Bryant in Our Country’s Good.  She feels honored to have grown so much in the program and wishes to thank Dr. Aya Ueda, James Gilbreath, and Joseph Stottman for giving her the tools to grow as a performer. She is excited to be in the first cast at Yuba College to perform on Zoom.

Eugene Everton


Laurel Capps is a theatre major who loves working on stage or backstage. Some of her acting credits include Mrs. Hardcastle in She Stoops to Conquer, Liz Morden in Our Country’s Good, Siobhan in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Agnes Evans in She Kills Monsters and  Ilse Neuman in Spring Awakening. She was stage manager for The Unexpected Guest at Sutter Street Theatre, and sound operator for A View From the Bridge at Yuba College. Laurel is also a music student, and can frequently be heard singing in the Yuba College Choir and at many of the Tuesday Noon Recitals held at the theatre.

Juniper Everton 


Natalie Batchelder is a junior at Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts and has been acting for 7 years. Some of the parts she’s enjoyed playing the most include Abby Brewster in “Arsenic and Old Lace” (MCAA), Helena in “The Seussification of a Midsummer Night’s Dream” (the Acting Company), and Young Violet/Jo in “It’s a Wonderful Life” (the Acting Company). She is thrilled to be able to be a part of the Zoom Room Theatre at Yuba College and hopes you enjoy the show!

Florina Sterling

Elsie Prather

Elsie Marie Prather is in her second semester at Yuba College. This is her first show with us, and it’s certainly different from anything she’s done before. Elsie Marie has loved performing from a young age, and plans on pursuing a BFA in theatre performance. Some of her favorite past acting experiences consist of: playing Ronnette in her high school’s production of Little Shop of Horrors, the female understudy for her high school’s production of The Miracle Worker, as well as being in some of her friends’ short films her Junior year. She really misses being on stage and hopes that she will get the opportunity to work with this cast she’s grown to love in person before heading off to University. She’d also like to thank her friends and family for all the love and support, as well as putting up with her belting show tunes on road-trips.

Barry Schwartz


Christian De La Torre is 19 years old and attending Yuba College. His favorite plays and roles consist of, Mid-Summer Nights Dream as Flute/Thisby, Mamma Mia as Pepper/Eddie at Yuba City High. At the Acting Company he was in Gypsy as L.A. and Bourgeron-Cochon, It’s A Wonderful Life as Sam Wainwright and in Mamma Mia as Eddie once again. At Yuba College he was in She Kills Monsters as Steve and Orcus, Spring Awakening as Hanschen. This is his 12th play, 3rd at Yuba College, and plans to major in Theater Arts. He appreciates all the support from his family and friends.

Bullion Sterling

Daniel Ramirez is a theatre student at Yuba College. This is his first play at the college, and he has quickly become a Zoom wizard, creating many special effects.

Macy Gables


Madison Lehmann is a second-year Yuba College student studying mass communications. She graduated from Marysville Charter Academy For The Arts. She has been in various productions throughout high school, and at Yuba College, she performed in She Kills Monsters and was the stage manager for Spring Awakening. She has had a good time, learned a lot throughout the rehearsal process, and is grateful for the new knowledge and experiences.

Deputy Stage Manager

Jamie Yang- Jamie is a Theatre major pursuing film acting. She did a musical in her senior year of high school “A Year With Frog and Toad,” as Bird 1. This will be her second stage play at Yuba College. She has performed in marching and concert band to experience not being afraid of stage fright for her future career. She is a flute player with 8 years of experience in music

Stage Technicians

Christian de la Torre and Ulyses Chavez

Theatre Trailer created by Christian de la Torre


The playwrights' picture

Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus have been writing together for more than 25 years. They spent many years at Disney where they penned the largest-selling video in history, Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, as well as the sequels to Beauty and the BeastPocahontasThe Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Lady and the Tramp. They’ve also written for Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and their feature film, Jack and the Beanstalk, starred James Earl Jones, Christopher Lloyd, Katey Sagal and Chevy Chase. They have more than 30 plays and musicals available at Dramatic Publishing, Samuel French, Pioneer Drama Service, Playscripts, Inc., and Contemporary Drama Service.

Technical Director and Designer: Joseph P. Stottmann

Director: James Gilbreath



Further information: Contact James Gilbreath – 530-633-7262   jgilbrea@yccd.edu

Spring Awakening

Dress rehearsalActors dancing

Spring Awakening: Performances were postponed the day before opening last March, and we are hopeful for an opportunity to bring this musical back to our stage. We are all very proud of our cast. Beyond hard work, our students put their vulnerabilities and souls into this show, creating a very special musical theatre experience. Each of them grew, as performers, as individuals, and as an ensemble through rehearsals and we appreciate their spirit in these challenging times. The cast and director wish to express our appreciation for the inspirational music direction from Dr. Aya Ueda, the thrilling dance choreography from Amanda Davis, and the frightening violence, safely staged, by fight choreographer John Crosswaithe, and the magical stage and lighting design by Joseph Stottmann.  Watch this space.

Our courses and degrees

The Theatre Arts Department provides a safe and inclusive environment for students to explore performance, and prepare them to succeed in their academic, career, and lifelong learning goals. Course offerings include introductory and advanced classes in theatre and film, which satisfy general education and transfer requirements and an opportunity to earn an AA degree in Theatre.

The theatre arts program is integrated around the central ideas of collaboration, individual responsibility, student-centered learning, open and respectful dialogue, and practical application of theory and skills. Work in acting technique, design, costuming, makeup, lighting, technical production, and other crafts are taught in theory and practice resulting in public performances of a variety of plays and musicals.

Stage fight practice

Corey Dickinson and Elizabeth Sutton practice their stage fight for YC Theatre’s fall  production, She Kills Monsters

(Associate in Arts for Transfer)
Students who complete this program should be able to:
1. Effectively use language, communicate their ideas, and creatively express
themselves through the application of theatrical skills.
2. Identify theatrical challenges, production needs, and potential problems;
research, formulate, and construct creative solutions; and execute an achievable
plan using appropriate tools, theories, and techniques.
3. Select appropriate acting techniques and apply technical skills, imagination,
and script analysis toward the creation of a live or recorded performance.
4. Demonstrate the ability to work as an ensemble member of a theatre company
by meeting expectations, following safe production practices, and respecting
the opinions, feelings, and values of others.
5. Identify similarities and differences among cultures, times, and environments
expressed through dramatic texts, films, and live performances.
6. Analyze and evaluate dramatic texts and performances in terms of their
technical skills, artistic objectives, and their historical and cultural significance.

Required Core Courses (9 Units Required) Units
THART 10 Introduction to Theatre…………………………………3
THART 11A Introduction to Acting I ……………………………….3
THART 29R College Theatre or …………………………………1-3
THART 30 Technical Theatre in Production……………..3

A minimum of nine units from the list below:
THART 11B Introduction to Acting II or…………………………..3
THART 45A Stagecraft 1 or …………………………………..3
THART 45B Production and Technical Theatre ! or ….3
THART 45C Production and Technical Theatre II or….3
THART 30 Technical Theatre in Production or…3

THART 29R College Theatre….3 (if not used for core requirement. See your counselor or theatre professor for further clarification)

Total units required for degree major………………………………………. 18

Students earning an AA-T/AS-T degree must complete 60-semester units of
coursework eligible for transfer to the CSU including the CSU GE-B or IGETC
(CSU version), all courses in the major with “C” or better grades, and achieve
a minimum transferable cumulative GPA of 2.0.



Actors Quinn Gillan and Sam Scott in a live performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The production received special recognition for ensemble performances, acting, design, direction, and overall production.

(Associate in Arts)
Required Courses                                                       Units
THART 10 Introduction to Theatre………………………………………. 3
THART 11A Introduction to Acting……………………………………… 3
THART 29R College Theatre………………………………………………. 3
THART 12A Advanced Studies in Acting……………………………… 3
Plus 6 units to be selected from the following………………………. 6
THART 11B, 12B, 29R, 34, 45A, 45B;
SPECH 1, 4R, MCOMM 2, 4; ENGL 2
Total units required for degree major………………………………… 18


THART 10—Introduction to Theatre  (3 units)       CSU/UC
Study of theatre and its relationship to other arts and humanities, including a survey of theatre history, a study of important plays, and current Yuba College Theatre productions. (L)

THART 11A—Introduction to Acting  (3 units)      CSU/UC
Basics of acting for the stage will be explored and developed, including voice and diction, movement, improvisational technique, characterization, and scene study. Several monologues and scenes will be developed and presented in the class.

THART 11B—Introduction to Acting  (3 units)      CSU/UC
Pantomime, stage movement, imagination, improvisation, verse study, and characterization; emphasis on more complex scenes and plays, including classic theatre. Prerequisite: THART 11A.

THART 12A—Advanced Studies in Acting  (3 units)                                      CSU/UC
Development of the skills of vocal projection, auditioning, stage movement, and character motivation; participation in one-act or full-length play at the end of the semester. Prerequisite: THART 11A or THART 29R.

THART 12B—Advanced Studies in Acting  (3 units)                                      CSU/UC
Development of the skills of vocal projection, auditioning, stage movement, and character motivation; participation in one-act or full-length play at end of the semester. Prerequisite: THART 12A.

THART 26—Musical Theatre Workshop  (3 units)     CSU
Fundamentals of musical theatre performance; singing, acting, dancing, orchestra, and technical stage work.  Students may specialize in an area of interest.  Works to be selected from various periods and styles.  Participation in Yuba College production is required.

THART 29R—College Theatre  (2 or 3 units)          CSU/UC
Fundamentals of theatrical performance in all areas of theatre (acting, directing, design, technical) culminating in a theatre production; plays will be selected from various periods and styles. (L) (Repeatable: May be taken four times only.)

THART 32—Film Studies: Focus on …  (3 units)                                          CSU/UC
Study of a particular director/artist, genre, or national cinema; students view and discuss full-length feature films; topics will be specified in the class schedule.

THART 33—History of Film  (3 units)                      CSU/UC
A chronological survey of the motion picture; traces the development of the art, technology, and social importance of film during the last 100 years; screenings of important and representative narrative, documentary, and experimental films from the silent to the modern era. Not open for credit to students with credit in HUMAN 33 or ENGL 33. (L)

THART 34—Introduction to Film  (3 units)             CSU/UC
Study of film as art and its influence on society, including interpretation, criticism, and technical developments; view and discuss full-length feature films. Not open for credit with credit in ENGL 34 or HUMAN 34. (L)

THART 45A—Production and Technical Theatre
(3 units)                                                       CSU/UC
Practices, terminology, and organization of contemporary theatre technology; exercises in construction and implementation of all technical aspects of production (sets, lighting, sound, costumes, properties, stage management, and makeup). Integrated with College Theatre productions.

THART 45B—Production and Technical Theatre
(3 units)                                                       CSU/UC
Practices, terminology, and organization of contemporary theatre technology; exercises in construction and implementation of all technical aspects of production (sets, lighting, sound, costumes, properties, stage management, and makeup). Integrated with College Theatre productions.

THART 45C – Production and Technical Theatre II

(3 units)      Transferable to CSU

This course involves the study and execution of stagecraft with
a focus on stage lighting and emphasis on equipment, control,
color and their relationship to design.