Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

  • Yuba College Library is a center for higher education exploration, preparation,
    and research, online and in the library.
  • Yuba College Library is an organizational site for the cultural, educational, and
    personal intellectual development of its members.
  • Yuba College Library is an open environment for intellectual collaboration; as such,
    we value its underpinnings of mutual respect, personal integrity, and critical thinking.
  • Yuba College Library is a partner in the fostering of academic excellence and collegial
    vitality, and seeks to create valuable relationships with all of the school’s
    departments, faculty, staff, and students.

Mission Statement

Yuba College Library’s central mission is to support diverse needs of our students and employees. As such, we are continually updating our holdings in the library and through our subscription databases, and following current and future trends, so that our students will be best served in a changing economic and technological world. We provide Library orientations and workshops with students, faculty, and staff, to support the curricula offered by the College.

Updated: 5/31/2017