Women’s Studies

WOMEN 6 – Sociology of Sex and Gender (3 Units)
Sociological analysis of the construction, reproduction, and consequences of sex categories and gender roles. Emphasis on how gender designation of “male” and “female” impacts an individuals life, including violence and abuse, sexual harassment, hate crimes, wage differentials and unequal opportunities. Not open for credit to student with credit in SOCIL 6.  (L)

WOMEN 26A—Women in Art I  (3 units)                  CSU/UC
Role of women as artists in the Western World, beginning in the Middle Ages, and concluding in the Twentieth Century art world. Not open for credit to student with credit in Art 3A or HUMAN 26A. (L)

WOMEN 26B—Women in Art II  (3 units)                 CSU/UC
The role of women as visual artists in Europe and the Americas, focusing on the Twentieth Century. Not open for credit to student with credit in ART 3B or HUMAN 26B. (L)

WOMEN 29—Women in American History
                (3 units)                                                       CSU/UC
General introduction to the history of women in America from colonial times to the present; emphasis on the changing political, economic, social, and ethnic history.  (L)

WOMEN 31—Gender and Behavior: Feminine and
                Masculine Behavior 
(3 units)                   CSU/UC
Systematic analysis of psychological principles related to gender, including biological, social, and cultural perspectives. (L)

WOMEN 35—Women in Contemporary Society
                (3 units)                                                       CSU/UC
Focuses on the unique position of women in contemporary United States society; emphasis is given to the concept of gender as it relates to socialization, social control, history, multiculturalism, and current issues. Not open for credit to student with credit in SOCIL 35. (L)

WOMEN 37—Women’s Voices  (3 units)                 CSU/UC
Survey of selected women writers from at least three different ethnic groups in the United States and/or the world touching on ancient cultures as a foundation for understanding contemporary women’s literature. Not open for credit to student with credit in ENGL 37. (L)