Nursing PSLOs

  • NURS.PSLO1       (ISLO: Scientific Awareness)
    Demonstrate understanding of and applies evidence based practice in rendering ethical, competent and culturally sensitive care across the lifespan to all patients.
  • NURS.PSLO2       (ISLO: Communication)
    Communicate and collaborate with interdisciplinary health care partners in providing care to a diverse population of patients and families.
  • NURS.PSLO3       (ISLO: Critical Thinking)
    Demonstrate problem solving skills while utilizing resources to apply best practices to deliver safe and effective care.


Psychiatric Technician PSLOs

  • PSYCT.PSLO1       (ISLO: Communication)
    Effectively use language and non-verbal communication consistent with and appropriate for the audience and purpose.
  • PSYCT.PSLO2       (ISLO: Critical Thinking)
    Analyze data/information in addressing and evaluating problems and issues in making decisions.


Radiologic Technician PSLOs

  • RADT.PSLO1       (ISLO: Critical Thinking)
    Apply critical thinking skills to apply best practices to produce diagnostic images while delivering safe and effective care.
  • RADT.PSLO2       (ISLO: Critical Thinking)
    Demonstrate mastery of the five content areas of the radiologic technology curriculum.
  • RADT.PSLO3       (ISLO: Communication)
    Demonstrate effective communication with the diverse population of health care practitioners, patients and families.


Veterinary Technician PSLOs

  • VETT.PSLO1       (ISLO: Scientific Awareness)
    Demonstrate competence in the husbandry, restraint and handling of animals to include knowledge of normal and abnormal life processes, and the diagnostic, medical and surgical techniques needed to enhance and preserve human and animal health.
  • VETT.PSLO2       (ISLO: Critical Thinking)
    Apply critical thinking skills when confronted with issues and problems in veterinary medical practice.
  • VETT.PSLO3       (ISLO: Personal and Social Responsibility)
    Display behavior consistent with the highest professional ethics to foster personal growth and civic responsibility.