Kinesiology and Health PSLOs

  • PE.PSLO1       (ISLO: Personal and Social Responsibility)
    Teamwork; Interact with others by demostrating respect for opinions, feelings, and values.
  • PE.PSLO2       (ISLO: Communication)
    Effectively use language and non-verbal communication consistent with and appropriate for the audience and purpose.
  • PE.PSLO3       (ISLO: Critical Thinking)
    Analyze data/information in addressing and evaluating problems and issues in making decisions.
  • PE.PSLO4       (ISLO: Critical Thinking)
    Students who have taken courses in Physical Education courses wil have the skills to develop appropriate training programs for adults based on demonstrated knowledge of coronary risk factors, exercise programs and nutritional guidelines established in the industry.
  • PE.PSLO5       (ISLO: Information Competency)
    Articulate the difference between Kinesiology and Athletics.