Making an appointment

Currently enrolled Yuba College students can make a one-time appointment here to work with a writing consultant on reading and/or writing issues for any Yuba College class. Writing consultants typically work on understanding the assignment, brainstorming, and organizing. (For more information about how we work, see our FAQs.) Besides making appointments, you can also see your past visits to the WLDC and your upcoming appointments in the system.

To make a one-time appointment in TutorTrac:

  1. Click on the TutorTrac link:
  2. Log in using your MyCampus username (your Yuba College student ID number) and password.
  3. Click on Search Availability.
  4. Select Writing & Language Development Center.
  5. Select a course you want to work with.
  6. Select a date or date range.
  7. Use the slider to choose a time, and select/deselect days (M T W TH F) as needed.
  8. Click Search.

Available tutors and times will load on the right. Appointment blocks are 50 minutes long.

  1. Click on a time to select it.
  2. Click Save Appointment.

Didn’t work?

If no available appointments load, try widening your search to include other times and/or other days. If you searched for a particular tutor, try searching without specifying a tutor.

You are limited to making three appointments per semester with any single tutor. If you have already seen a tutor three times, try searching for another tutor or leave the tutor field blank.

If you miss or cancel six appointments in a semester (at any of the Yuba College tutoring centers) you will be unable to make your own appointments here. In that case, call 530-740-1709 or stop in to the WLDC and ask a staff member to help you.

If you are still unable to make an appointment, remember you can drop in without one. Although appointments take precedence over drop-ins, someone will probably be able to help you.

These appointments are one-time appointments. If you want recurring weekly appointments, call 530-740-1709 or stop in to the WLDC and ask a staff member to   help you.