Graduation Petition and Requirements

Graduation Petition and Requirements

**Yuba College has a formal graduation ceremony once a year (at the end of the spring semester), but the student may petition to graduate at the end of fall (November 15), spring (April 15), or summer (July 1) terms. Students must APPLY to graduate prior to the deadline in order to be considered.**

Graduation Petition Form

All external transcripts being used to confer degree must be received by the following dates:

  • For Spring graduation – June 15
  • For Fall graduation – Dec 31
  • For Summer graduation – July 31

Associate in Arts/Associate in Science Degree

The Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree may be awarded to a student who has completed the following requirements:


  1. Reading Competency
  2. Writing Competency
  3. Math Competency

18 semester units must be completed with at least 3 units from each area of A, B, C, D1, D2 and E:

  • Area A- Natural Science
  • Area B- Social & Behavioral Science
  • Area C- Humanities
  • Area D1- English Composition
  • Area D2- Communications & Analytical Thinking
  • Area E- Elective

REQUIREMENT 3: All students must complete the designated degree major courses with a grade of “C” or better. Majors are listed in the section headed “Certificate/ Degree Programs” and in the Course Descriptions section of the catalog.

REQUIREMENT 4: All students are required to successfully complete either: Health 1, Health 4, Health 13, or Family and Consumer Science 11 OR two Physical Education activity courses

REQUIREMENT 5: All students are required to fulfill the Multicultural Graduation Requirement (MGR). The courses  used to satisfy this requirement must be listed on the specific multi-cultural section of the approved Graduation Requirement Checklist at the time the course is taken. This requirement is not based on catalogue rights.

REQUIREMENT 6: All students are required to complete a minimum of 60 semester units in lower division associate degree level courses with at least a 2.0 (“C”) grade point average.

REQUIREMENT 7: All students are required to complete a minimum of 12 semester units with at least a 2.0 (“C”) grade point average in associate degree level classes in Yuba College.

Once ALL Requirements are met you must turn in the GRADUATION PETITION FORM

1) Meet with your counselor to do graduation checklist  

2) Fill out and complete form. 

3) Turn in form at the Admissions Office.

4) You must fill out a different form for each degree.