Graduating from High School this year?  Planning to take classes at Yuba College Summer and/or Fall 2021?  Sign up for Quick Reg!

We are excited to announce a virtual experience for Quick Reg students! Please follow the steps below to ensure a successful transition to Yuba College.

What is Quick Reg?

Quick Reg works with local high schools to guide and support students to successfully transition from high school to college.  Quick Reg Students will be able to register for Yuba College classes for SU/FA 2021 before other new students.

Who should sign up?
High school students graduating Spring 2021

  • That know they want to attend Yuba College
  • Are still weighing their college options
  • Are unsure about college

Step 1. Complete the Quick Reg Interest Form Click Here to access the form

Step 2. Apply to Yuba College  Click Here to apply

*We recommend completing the Summer 2021 application as it covers both summer and fall, even if you decide not to take summer classes.

Step 3. Complete the Online Orientation Click here

When logging in, you will need your Yuba College username and password which you will receive within 2-3 days after applying to Yuba College.

Step 4. Sign-up for an Online Counseling Session

Once you have completed the steps above you will be contacted to schedule your Zoom Counseling Session to complete your AEP (Abbreviated Educational Plan) and select your classes for SU/FA 2021

Step 5. Enroll in classes

Quick Reg students who have completed the above steps will be able to enroll in classes on Friday, May 7, 2021 via the Yuba College Portal Self Service.

 Complete the FAFSA or California Dream Act

Students may qualify for Financial Aid or the Yuba College Promise to help pay for college.  Click Here to learn about Financial Aid at Yuba College.

-To File the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Click Here
-To File the CA Dream Act Application (AB540 Students Only) Click Here

Tips for Completing the Yuba College application as a Quick Reg student

General Tips

Enrollment Questions

  1. Term Applying For?
    A. Enter the term you would begin at Yuba College (Quick Reg Students are recommended to apply for Summer 2021 as that applications cover both Summer and Fall whether you take summer classes or not)
  2. Program of Study or Major and Educational Goal
    A. You must make a selection, but you may change these at any time with Admission and Records.

Education Information

All questions should be answered as though you have graduated and are no longer a high school student. The following are typical answers for Quick Reg applicants:

  • You are a First Time Student in College (after leaving High School)
  • You Received High School Diploma from a US School
  • Search for Your High School using state/school name/city
  • Enter Your High School Graduation Date
  • “Yes” You Received a Diploma

High School Transcript Information

College staff use this information to provide guidance. Your responses will not affect your admission to Yuba College.

High School Courses in English and Math

Refer to your High School transcript for the class description that best describes your highest courses for English and Math completed.

Any questions please contact Inderjit Deol, Outreach and Recruitment Specialist, at