Steps to Register for Courses on WebAdvisor

Prior to being able to register, you must first complete the Required Agreements process. Here are the instructions to do so. Required Agreements Process


In order to register for courses in WebAdvisor, you will need to login to Webadvisor at:

Once logged in, click on “Students” in the right hand navigation and then choose which type of registrations you like to use under the “Registration” blue bar:

Choose which type of class registration you would like to use under the “Registration” blue bar:

Search and register for sections
Use this option if you would like to look for sections, add them to your preferred list of sections and then register for them.

Express registration
Use this option if you know the exact subject, course number, and section (or synonym) of the sections for which you wish to add to your preferred list and then register. (Example: MATH*100*01 or Synonym 42765).

Register for previously selected sections
Use this option if you have already placed sections on your preferred list and would like to now register.

Drop sections
Use this option if you would like to drop a section. (Other choices also allow you to drop a section while you register for another.)


Select the term (Fall, Spring, or Summer) from the top drop down menu and search for subjects from each drop down menu.

  • You do not need to enter course numbers or section numbers to perform this search.
  • You may, but are not required to, limit your search to specific days and times or specific instructors. After filling in the desired fields, click “submit” to find available classes.


Using your education plan, make a list of preferred classes, write down their course, code, and section numbers as illustrated below. Also write down the days and times of the classes to ensure it does not conflict with other classes.

Webadvisor Class Listing Legend - 1


Once you have a list of course you want to register for, click on “Log in” on the top right side.

Use the same username and password that you utilized for online orientation to login.

Once logged in, click “Students”.

Then click on “Register or Drop” located under the “Registration” tab.

Then it pops up our “10 days to pay” policy. Please read this policy and then click on “I have read the 10 days to pay policy” and then click submit.

Then click on “Express Registration”

Fill in the appropriate class codes, course numbers and section numbers for all your classes. See illustration below:

Webadvisor Class Listing Legend

After entering all required information, click “submit” to register.

Congratulations! You are registered for classes at Yuba College! Remember to print a copy of your schedule from WebAdvisor for your records!

If you need any assistance with registering for courses, please call Counseling Department at:

Marysville Campus: 530-634-7766

Sutter Campus: 530-751-5600