Welcome to WebAdvisor.  WebAdvisor is your gateway to Add and Drop courses, Pay your fees, Request a Refund of Fees, view grades, obtain an unofficial transcript, and to change your address or phone.
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What’s my WebAdvisor ID?
     Your WebAdvisor ID is the first initial of your last name (capitalized) + your 7 digit Student ID number.  If you don’t know your Student ID you can search for your User Name based on your last name and your SSN.

What’s my password?   If this is your first time logging into WebAdvisor (or if you have not changed your password), your password is your birth date in the mmddyy format.  i.e. If you were born in January 1, 2004, your password will be 010104.  Reset your password.

Can you step me through the Login process? Yes.  Download The Web Advisor Student Login Guide