U-2 Airplane


Civilian Students enrolled in classes at Beale AFB are required to adhere to United States Air Force
regulations in regard to being admitted to Beale AFB.  To gain access to Beale AFB, follow these procedures:

  1. All civilian students enrolled in Yuba College classes that meet on Beale Air Force Base are considered guest of Beale AFB and are required to comply with Air Force mandated requirements in order to gain access to Beale AFB throughout the class period.
  2. All civilian students will be required to insure that Yuba College Beale AFB Outreach has all information necessary to insure that security clearance will be authorized by the Beale Air Force Base Security Forces prior to the student’s initial visit to Beale AFB.
  3. Yuba College Beale AFB must have the following information for each civilian student:

 Name (as it appears on legal records)

 Date of Birth

 Driver License or California ID card #

  1. Although the name and date of birth are generally reported directly to Yuba College Beale AFB Outreach through the Yuba College enrollment system, many times driver license numbers are not included. Without the driver license or California ID card number, a student will not be submitted for clearance and therefore will not be allowed to enter Beale AFB.
  2. Please email your personal information to Ms. Teresa Paras, Campus Operations Specialist II at Yuba College Beale AFB Outreach Center, tparas@yccd.edu. The telephone number for Beale AFB Outreach Center is 530-788-0973.
  3. Remember, you will not be admitted to Beale AFB if you have not provided the required information.
  4. All completed civilian student data will be submitted to Beale AFB Security Forces at least 72 hours before a student will be allowed to enter the base for the purpose of securing a pass or attending class.
  5. Students who register for a class after the day of the first class meeting must contact the Yuba College Beale Outreach office to provide the information required for security clearance and subsequent issuance of the student pass. Without exception, no student will issued a pass later than two weeks after the beginning of a class.
  6. Security Forces has the ability to deny access to anyone and failure to comply with established requirements is a definite cause for denial.
  7. Passes will be issued one week prior to and two weeks following the first day of any class session. Hours of operation for the Pass and Registration office are established by the Air Force Security Forces squadron, not by Yuba College.