Commencement Breakfast

  • Friday, May 15, 2015 at 8:30 a.m., Cafeteria         
  • Guest Speaker: Mr. John Cassidy, CEO, Sierra Central Credit Union
  • Graduates and guests may purchase their breakfast tickets in Public Events (Room 301). Tickets will be sold until
    May 13 (or until sold out).
  • Price: $3.00 per graduate, $5.00 per guest (Cash and check only)

 Yuba College’s 87th Commencement Ceremony:

  • Friday, May 15, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Outdoor Athletic Stadium   
  • Guest Speaker: Assembly Member James Gallagher
  • Candidate Announcer: Dr. Kevin Orton
  • (Commencement will be held in the Outdoor Athletic Stadium rain or shine.)

Notice to Faculty: Please be in line by 7:10 p.m.

  • Graduates, guests and faculty all enter through the entrance to the Outdoor Athletic Stadium from
    the West Parking lot.
  • Faculty will assemble in the breezeway and in the mat room located on the back side of the gymnasium.
    As a safety precaution please do not wear high heels.
  • A hand steamer will be available for faculty to press gowns in Public Events beginning May 11, 2015.

Processional: As faculty exit the mat room breezeway they will enter the stadium through the main black gate with the flags. Faculty will walk around the North West side of the running track to the 35 yard line where they will turn and cut on to the field and file into chairs.Graduates will assemble on the South West corner of the sports complex. They will walk along the south west side of the running track to the 35 yard line where they will turn and cut on to the field and file into the chairs.

Recessional: The platform party will lead the recessional, followed by the faculty who will form two lines to create a pathway for the students to travel through. The recessional will flow across the track to the side entrance.

** No Commencement Ceremony Rehearsal **
This year due to scheduling issues, there will be no commencement ceremony rehearsal. Graduating students are asked to review the “10 Easy Steps for the Yuba College Commencement Ceremony” when they complete their electronic RSVP at

Commencement Planning Committee:
Teresa Aronson, Erick Burns, Bryan Epp, James Fleenor, Sonya Horn, Rita Ordiway, Juhree Patterson, Dr. Kevin Orton, Adam Pharris, Richard Rountree, Jeff Rutledge, Joseph Stottmann, Casee Wieber, Aya Ueda

 Faculty Line of March: In this line of march, the Platform Party seated on the stage leads the line.  The Faculty is then arranged in order of seniority.

Please Note:
1) On stage (Platform Party):  Vice Chancellor Dr. Kayleigh Carabajal; President GH Javaheipour; Interim Vice President Brian Jukes; Professor Greg Kemble, Academic Senate; Mr. Jose Hernandez,
ASYC President; Assembly Member Gallagher; Celesta Ramirez, Student Commencement Speaker; Trustees Wheeler, Pasquale and Teagarden

The Platform Party will wear black commencement robes provided by the college.

2) Male faculty members who possess Master degrees: please plan to wear coats under their gowns if the gowns are the type with short sleeves.

3) Please keep this bulletin for your reference. 

Order of Senority

1.  Marcia Stranix
2.  Fernando Canto Lugo
3.  Richard Edmunds
4.  Thea Post
5.  John Langston
6.  Sheila Scroggins
7.  Michael Morse
8.  Leticia Gomez
9.  Linda Staffero
10.  Parviz Parsafar
11.  Kelly Boren
12.  Angela Willson
13.  Ronald Turner
14.  Christopher Myers
15.  Jenine Tanabe
16.  John Thoo
17.  Lisa Jensen-Martin
18.  Suzanne Ruckle
19.  Clark Smith
20.  Neena Gill
21.  Vicki Machado
22.  Glenn Husted
23.  John Almy
24.  Sujan Burgeson
25.  Steven Cox
26.  Douglas Joksch
27.  Percy Ellis
28.  Roxanne Snyder
29.  Robert Mathews
30.  Stephanie Reynolds
31.  Doug Cornelius
32.  Frances Hulin           
33.  Tina Ramsey             
34.  Kenneth Fiering      
35.  Kirk Wardlaw            
36.  John Steverson        
37.  Therese Hukill 
38.  Colleen Monahan
39.  Suzanne Jones         
40.  Gregory Kemble      
41.  Travis Smith              
42.  Kevin Orton               
43  Valerie Harris            
44.  Daniel Turner           
45.  Don Schumacher     
46.  Scott Haskell             
47.  Lynette Garcia          
48.  Kyra Mello 
49.  Marc Flacks
50.  Sarah Kovacs            
51.  Aya Ueda    
52.  Roger Davidson 
53.  Jose Ramon Munoz
54.  Jeffrey Stollberg      
55.  Denice Burbach       
56.  Surangi Frazier         
57.  Lena Hsieh
58.  Brian Condrey          
59.  Maris Wagener         
60.  Joshua Pittenger     
61.  Kathryn Boyes          
62.  Korey Champe          
63.  Phillip Milks              
64.  Shawn Frederking   
65.  Christopher Noffsinger          
66.  Kiara Koenig             
67.  M. Resler-Stansbury              
68.  Meridith Selden      
69.  Genevieve Stier        
70.  David Perez               
71.  G. O’Keefe-Schwering            
72.  Jan Ponticelli            
73.   Ruth Tamulonis      
74.  Robert Griffin            
75.  Shaun Suy  
76.  Farough Tabrizi