Campus Life

What will Yuba College do if the mandatory evacuation is reinstated and the college has to evacuate while in session?

Campus evacuation will be required if directed by emergency agencies. Yuba College will be evacuated by order of the college administrative staff, District Police, or the Director of the Emergency Operations Center to deal with a threat or emergency situation. If directed, YC Emergency team members, District Police and/or Maintenance personnel will work their way through all campus buildings and spaces. They will recommend evacuation routes for traffic control. Pay careful attention and follow instructions.

Safety Escort

Do you need an escort to your car?

Yuba College offers a FREE safety escort to your car or classroom.
Call Campus Police at:
(530) 741-6771 or (530) 870-1158 after 4 p.m.

Just provide the YCCDPD Officer with your current location and intended destination on campus. If there are special circumstances be sure to share them with the officer. Subject to availability, an officer will be dispatched to your location to walk with you to your destination.