Nelson Illusions: Dreams of the Impossible Tour

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Nelson Illusions

Nelson Illusions: Dreams of the Impossible Tour
Saturday, February 4 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., Yuba College Theatre
$25 General or $20 Senior, $10 Student 
NELSON ILLUSIONS is the largest touring illusion show in the United States, carrying over 30,000 pounds of equipment, and is 3 times larger than any other touring illusion show. Nelson Illusions features the largest illusion ever seen: the ten-foot-tall Jet Turbine, from which a woman tries to escape as it pulls her in. Nelson Illusions is a one-of-a-kind theatrical spectacle that combines rare & original illusions from around the world with award winning, jaw-dropping magic. The show features 4 Master Magicians, each with an exciting, engaging, original style. The show combines a thoroughly entertaining blend of mystery, drama, romance, & comedy with some of the most beautiful & astonishing stage magic in existence today... And audience members are brought on stage to share the wonder! a girl sawn in half in plain view, an elegant lady who floats in circles, a man who melts through a sheet of solid steel, a woman who gets shot out of a cannon, a man who risks death between two four-foot tall spinning saw blades, and much more. Experience the magic and the illusion live!

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