Which list has more statements that describe you?

List 1

  • I sometimes have trouble expressing myself in English.

  • I don't usually read books in English.

  • I started learning English after the age of 17.

  • I often speak in my native language with my family and friends.

  • I can use English fluently but not as easily as I can use my native language.

  • Sometimes I struggle using English to write school assignments.

  • I don't have experience with academic writing in college.

  • I still make some many grammar mistakes when speaking and writing.

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List 2

  • I don't have trouble expressing my ideas clearly in English.

  • I read books in English.

  • I started learning English at a young age (before age 10).

  • I speak in English much of the time with my family and at school.

  • I can use English with ease and fluency similar to my native or mother tongue.

  • I feel comfortable using English to write ideas.

  • I have successfully completed assignments in English for other college classes.

  • I can speak and write in English with only a few small grammar errors that don't distract from the ideas I express.

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