Faculty Feature: Alisan Hastey

Alisan Hastey wearing a light blue collared shirt and a dark blue sweater with foliage in the background

Prolific Los Angeles Philharmonic conductor Gustavo Dudamel once said that you build better citizens for the community with an orchestra. Performing music with other musicians, even if the only thing you have in common with the person next to you is the music itself, creates a bond that echoes through the notes and passes on to those who hear it.


For nearly 35 years, Alisan Hastey has taught and performed music at all levels within the Marysville community. A long-time teacher with the Marysville Joint Unified School District, she recently joined Yuba College as a music instructor and the symphonic band director, combining her passion for her art and her community.


Having lived in the area since she was in the 4th grade, Alisan and her family have deep roots within the local community. She and many family members have served as elected officials and leaders in school boards, government and the Rotary Club. Late last year, Alisan was elected to the Marysville school board, an achievement she has wanted to accomplish for years.


Along with her community work and service, Alisan has helped transform the Yuba College Symphonic Band. While the COVID pandemic has provided its share of challenges, the band has preserved and even held a virtual concert last fall. The band’s page on the Yuba College website is filled with an eclectic array of music they have performed, ranging from classical pieces to unique arrangements of current popular bands such as Coldplay. Beyond the notes and the arrangements, the music has a harmonious sound that can only come from a group of musicians connected on such a high level.


“One of the amazing things about Yuba College’s performing groups are the friendships and the connection made within the group, all while learning to play an instrument,” Alisan said. “Since the band is a mix of students, faculty, staff and community members, it’s been so neat to watch everyone interact and establish a connection through music. I love being a part of it.”


For Alisan, the band’s feeling of community is symbolic of the spirit of Yuba College itself.


“I like that everybody who is here is here because of the passion they have for Yuba College. Our faculty and staff are incredibly student-focused,” Alisan explained. “The students are so inspiring and are passionate about their work. I’ve truly enjoyed my time here and it seems to get better every day.”