Guided Pathways Questions

What phase is Yuba College Guided Pathways currently in?

Yuba College is currently exploring guided pathways as a viable option to addressing ways to improve student outcomes.  The academic senate will vote on whether to continue with guided pathways based on what the exploration shows in the spring 2018 process.  If guided pathways is adopted, implementation would begin in fall of 2018.  If guided pathways is not adopted, another approach to improving student outcomes will need to be selected.

How can I find out more about the fundamentals of Guided Pathways?

See the Resources page for links to outside resources.

How can I find out more about what Guided Pathways means for my role?

You can join a Yuba College Guided Pathways workgroup meeting or meet with a Yuba College Guided Pathways Lead.

Who are the Yuba College Guided Pathways Leads for Spring 2018?

Irma Guzman
Denise Villanueva

Joe Bauer
Korey Champe
Lore Dobusch
James Gilbreath
Greg Kemble
Stephanie Reynolds
Georganna O’Keefe-Schwering
Meridith Selden

What will the leads need from me in Spring 2018?

The leads are going to be working with faculty and administration within each of the departments to explore what guided pathways implementation would look like for Yuba College.  They will be looking into course mapping, student services, data tracking, and other areas to determine if guided pathways is right for Yuba College.