1. Prerequisite Courses Required Prior to Application
  • Biol 4, Human Anatomy
  • Biol 5, Human Physiology
  • Biol 6, Intro. Microbiology
  • Eng 1A, Reading and Composition
  • Math 52, Intermediate Algebra
    • Starting February 2021 application period this is changed to STATS 1 Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • Nurs 36 Pathophysiology
  • Chemistry 2A
  • Hlth 10 Principles of Nutrition
  • Psych 1A, General Psychology
  • Sociology1 or Anthro 2
  • Speech 1, Public Speaking or Speech 6, Group Discussion
  • Humanities (General Education)
  • Nursing 37 LVN to RN Bridge course (Yuba College course only)
  • No “in progress” prerequisite course at time of submitting application
  • There is no recency requirement for prerequisites
  1. Program Requirements
    • Graduation requirements (needed in addition to prerequisites & nursing courses)
    • Highly recommended to complete all requirements before starting program
    • Complete all program prerequisites
    • 5 cumulative grade-point average (GPA) for these courses: Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, English 1A or higher
    • TEAS test score >62%
    • Hold an active unrestricted LVN California license
    • Current Intravenous Therapy certification
    • Pass the Yuba College Nursing 37 LVN to RN Bridge course prior to entry into the program- you can apply if you are currently enrolled in course or have completed
  2. Program Sequencing
    • 1st semester Medical Surgical Nursing, Pediatrics
    • 2nd semester Medical Surgical Nursing, Leadership. Preceptorship, Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing
    • Medical Surgical Nursing is from simple to complex over the 4 semesters
  3. Time Commitment
    • Full time about 4 hours of theory and 16-18 hours of clinical time
    • Typically, class/clinical 3-4 days a week
    • About 20-30 hours of study/homework time, varies depending on student
    • Students must achieve 75% or higher in each class to progress in the program
  4. Additional Requirements
    • Mandatory orientations then 3rd Friday in April and the 3rd Friday in May
      • These are throughout the program
  5. Cost of Program
    • Estimated program costs $1,780
    • This figure varies depending on student’s eligibility for financial aid
  6. Financial Aid
    • Available, takes months to process; go to the Yuba College Financial Aid website to find out more
    • Many scholarships available
  7. Convictions and Arrest Record
    • Prior to admission into the program, if criminal history is a concern, check the BRN website brn.gov; to ensure you qualify for a nurisng license
    • BRN possesses the right to deny any graduate to take NCLEX
    • Criminal history may keep you from admission into the program because our clinical partners may not allow it
    • When submitting application to the BRN you will need written details of conviction and consequences, fines paid, proof of rehabilitation, certified copy of court proceeding, letters of recommendation; DUI’s are reportable offenses
  8. Assessment Testing
    • Must take ATI TEAS before applying; highly recommend studying for the test
    • Must have 62% of higher to apply to the program
    • Higher scores earn more points which increase applicants’ chances of selection to enter program
    • For testing sites and more information go to atitesting.com
  9. Application Process
    • Multicriteria enrollment process; online applications
    • Applications open August 15th-September 8th and February 1-28
    • Must apply to the college cccapply.org in order to obtain a student ID#
    • With student ID# applicants can access the application
    • Multicriteria utilizes previous experience/knowledge, GPA, and TEAS test scores to rank applicants
    • Class selected from the top scores on the Multicriteria tool; no waitlist

This program is on a space available entry.