utter County Center Entrance

Yuba College Sutter County Center (SCC) 3301 E. Onstott Road Yuba City CA 95991

SCC Information

  • Free Tutoring may be available for your class. Check with Tutoring in office 137, inside the library on the right or call 751.5558. You can participate anytime during the semester.
  • You may obtain a library card in the library.  Useful for checking out computers, study rooms, indoor/outdoor games, and reserve materials.
  • Scantrons and Blue Books may be purchased at the Student Services Desk. Cash only; small bills 
    • 882-E (100 questions) = $.35     815-E (15 questions) = $.25     888-E (100 question w/essay) = $.50     Sm./Lrg Blue Books = $.50
  • Parking is enforced Yuba College PD. Go to WebAdvisor to buy and print daily or semester permits.

Contact Information & Hours



Hours (M-F)


Building  F/S 730a-9p M-TH; 730a-445p F n/a
 SU 730a-9p M-TH; Closed Fridays
 I 730a-545p M-TH; 730a-445p F
Admissions & Records  F/S 730a-545p M-TH; 730a-445p F Have your Student ID
   530.751.5600  SU 730a-545p M-TH; Closed Fridays ready
 I 730a-545p M-TH; 730a-445p F
Counseling  F/S Variable; Please call for Or check at the Student
   530.751.5600  SU an appointment Services Desk
Financial Aid  F/S 9a-6p M-T; 8a-5p W-F Bring picture ID to
   530.751.5555  SU 730a-545p M-TH; Closed Fridays appointment
 I 9a-6p M-T; 8a-5p W-F
Library  F/S 745a-615p M-TH; Closed Fridays Get you Library Card
   530.751.5562  SU 745a-615p M-TH; Closed Fridays at the Library Desk
SCCLibrary@yccd.edu  I Closed
Tutoring  F/S 8a-6p M-TH; 9a-1p F Sign-up in office 137
   530.751.5558  SU 8a-6p M-TH; Closed Friday in the library
 I Closed
   Delmy Spencer, Dean 530.741-6705 Off-site
   Roy Martin, Director 530.751.5557 On-site
Address: 3301 E. Onstott Rd. Yuba City CA 95991
General Phone Line : 530.751.5600
General Email: SCCInfo@yccd.edu
NOTE: F/S=Fall/Spring; SU=Summer; I=Intersession
Sutter County Center Floor Map

Sutter County Center Floor Map



The Yuba Community College District was founded in 1927. Yuba College opened on its current
site, 2088 North Beale Road in Marysville, in September 1962. The campus currently includes
23 buildings and sits on 160 acres.

In addition to the main campus, Yuba College operates two educational centers: one at the Beale
Air Force Base Outreach Center in Linda and another at the Sutter County Center located in Yuba
City. The Beale Air Force Base Outreach Center has hosted classes since the fall semester of 1960.
The Sutter County Center opened in the fall of 2012 and is the college’s newest center, just off
Highway 99.

Yuba College has always maintained a strong partnership with area high schools and transfer
universities, as is evident by its many articulated courses and programs. The college provides
services to allow eligible 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students to enroll in college courses;
these efforts assist students to plan and complete their college degrees through quality dual or
concurrent enrollment, with less cost while working toward a two-year or four-year college
educational goal.

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