Specialized Classes

Individually Tailored

Yuba College DSPS offers specialized classes that are open to all students and are often highly recommended for students with disabilities. The classes are developed to address a variety of needs that can result from the functional or educational limitations imposed by disability. These needs can include processing difficulties, working under time constraints, learning and retraining concepts, passing tests, managing personal study time, memorizing important information, reading and writing efficiently, taking lecture notes, and preparing for tests. The content of the classes is tailored to meet the needs of the students enrolled.

Basic College Survival Skills

Specific classes are designed to teach students basic college survival skills and effective academic strategies to promote success in other college classes. Often, the specialized instruction succeeds when other services do not because the instructors understand the underlying cognitive, emotional, and linguistic variables that can cause learning and performance problems. Students are led through a process of self-discovery which can lead to better coping skills and foster self-advocacy. In addition, the classes infuse the use of technology as a tremendously effective and practical tool that students will take with them into the world of work.

Specialized classes can be located in the current Yuba College class schedule under “Learning Assistance” courses and under “Physical Education” for Adapted P.E. courses.