Yuba College Foundation Scholarships:

The Yuba College Scholarship Program is administered by the Yuba Community College District Foundation. Foundation scholarships are made possible through generous donations from community organizations, corporations, and individual donors.

News Flash! Scholarships Deadline Extended!

Dear Students, The Scholarship and Reference Deadline has been extended to: April 17, 2020


7 Steps to Scholarship Success.. Yes!

  1. Yuba Community College District (YCCD) email is required to apply for foundation scholarships. If you do not have a YCCD student email, you must apply for admission to Yuba College.

    Note: Current high school students must complete an application for admission for the summer or fall term (opens during spring).

  1. Personal Statement:  You must include a personal statement with the general scholarship application. The essay must not exceed two pages (minimum word count 500). Your essay should include the following:
  • Personal and Academic Achievements  
  • Academic Plans and Career Goals  
  • Extracurricular Activities              
  • Contributions to the Community 
  • Why you believe you are a good candidate for this scholarship.
  1. Two Electronic Letters of Recommendation: You are required to submit two electronic letters of recommendation via your Academic Works application.  Simply add the recommenders’ email to the designated spot on your application and the system will automatically send the recommender a link to complete your request.
  • It is recommended (and sometimes required) at least one reference be from a Yuba College faculty member, dean, director, employee of YCCD, or a member of the communities served by YCCD.
  1. Transcripts: Unofficial or Official transcripts are required for ALL applicants.
  • Incoming Students:   Upload your high school transcript.
  • Re-entry, continuing & transfer Students:  Upload your unofficial transcripts from YCCD and other colleges you have attended.

          Note:  Some scholarships require you submit both your high school and college  transcripts. Such requirements will be listed in the scholarship description.

  1. Income Verification:  Upload your 2020-2021 Student Aid Report (SAR). Failure to upload income verification may disqualify you from consideration for scholarships.
  2. Complete the Recommended Opportunities: Once you complete the General Application the system will match you to the scholarship opportunities that you meet the minimum criteria for.  Some of these scholarships have additional requirments to verify eligibility and so the system recommend you to apply for those as well.  Please click on the Recommended Opportunites link to complete the additional requirments.

Application Tips

  • Attend a scholarship workshop and get some tips on how to complete a scholarship application and write an essay.
  • Scholarships are listed as Opportunities in AcademicWorks.
  • Opportunities are available to incoming, re-entry, continuing and transfer students.
    1. Incoming: someone who has NEVER attended college before. Concurrent high school students are considered incoming.
    2. Re-entry:  a student who has not attended school for four to six semesters.
    3. Continuing: enrolled in any college during the previous term and plans to attend Yuba College in the fall.
    4. Transfer: currently enrolled at Yuba College and transferring to a 4-year college or university in the upcoming academic year.
  • Do not leave any questions unanswered on your AcademicWorks General Scholarship Application. Failure to provide all necessary information may disqualify you from scholarship opportunities.
  • It is important that the information you provide regarding your “intended” program of study/major be up to date with your campus Admissions and Records Office, prior to the selection process.
  • Enrollment requirements vary per scholarship. Most foundation scholarships require half-time enrollment, but some require full-time or three-quarter time enrollment.
    1. Full-time – 12+ units
    2. Three-quarter – 9 to 11.5 units
    3. Half-time – 6 to 8.5 units
    4. Less than half-time – .5 to 5.5 units

Scholarship Selection Process:

Candidates are selected per the scholarship requirements by the donors.  Each scholarship will focus on specific areas such as academic achievement, financial need, personal strengths, honors and awards, leadership, and commitment to giving back to the community.

All completed eligible applications are evaluated by different Yuba College Scholarship Committees.


By submitting an application, you (the student) are authorizing the various departments or committees at the college to access grade and course completion information.
You also authorize the college to publicize information about the awarding of scholarship(s). Additionally, you may be required to write a thank-you letter to the donor,
attend a scholarship recipient reception, and/or take a photo to be used for publicity purposes.

Scholarship Notification:

Scholarship recipients are notified by email once the screening process for scholarships has occurred.

Scholarship monies are released during the following fall and or spring term upon verification of enrollment and any other required criteriaPlease note that if the student is not meeting all of the requirments of elegibility at the time of disbursment we will not release the monies.

The number and award amount of scholarships are for general information purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee of what you will receive if selected. Actual award amounts vary based on students’ individual eligibility, funds available, and other factors.

With the exception of transfer scholarships, all scholarships are for enrollment at Yuba College; they cannot be used at other community colleges or universities (unless specifically noted as a transfer scholarship to a four-year institution). Failure to enroll, meet all eligibility requirements, or dropping all classes after enrollment nullifies eligibility and award funds may be required to be repaid to the Foundation Office or donor.

How to Apply

The foundation scholarship application is provided online through AcademicWorks. To apply for Yuba College Foundation Scholarships, click on the “Apply Today!” button to begin your online scholarship application. You are required to have a YCCD student email and create a password
to be able to sign in and begin your scholarship application.

Apply Today!