Job Placement

About Us:

Job Placement assists students in making the transition from college to career upon completion of their certificate and/or associate degree. To ensure that students have access to employment opportunities within the local area, Job Placement partners with community-based organizations and local service providers to share employment resources with students, clients, and the public.

  • Programs and services for students include:
  • Internet and hard copy access to local, national, and international jobs
  • Current labor market information
  • Professional development resources on Resumes, Cover Letters, and Reference Lists
  • Interviewing techniques and mock interviews
  • Computer Stations to job search, register for classes, and prepare resumes
  • Fax service for submitting resumes and job applications

Services available to employers and community resource partners include:

  • Pre-screening applicants and resume referrals
  • Free on-line posting of Job Announcements
  • Access to an educated applicant pool spanning 5 counties within Northern California
Federal Work Study Students:

Received the good news you that you are eligible for Federal Work Study?
Great! Job Placement has on-campus positions available for students eligible for Federal Work Study. Come to Job Placement so that staff can assist you with finding an on-campus position related to your major.