Labor Market

As a student, there are a few questions you should be asking about your chosen field such as:

  • Will jobs in my chosen field be in demand in the future?
  • What kinds of businesses hire selected occupations?
  • Are there jobs available in the area I plan to live in?
  • What type of skills do the jobs I am interested in require?
  • How much do jobs in my chosen field of study pay?

To help you answer these questions, Job Placement assists students with searching through current labor market information. Some of the resources available in Job Placement include access to EUREKA software and EUREKA online. This program has a full database of colleges and careers. A student can compare/contrast up to three colleges at a time as well as explore various career and colleges links to the Internet. Also, students can search by industries, international careers, programs of study, or careers in the military.

In addition to EUREKA, Job Placement also has access to various Occupational Guides. The California Occupational Guide, for instance, is comprised of simple information sheets covering 300 individual occupations or groups of related occupations. They provide statewide information about job duties, working conditions, employment outlook, wages, benefits, entrance requirements, and training.

Other general resources include America’s Career InfoNet. The “Career Opportunities Reports” were developed to aid students and career professionals in the exploration of career opportunities in five industries: Health Services; Arts, Media, and Entertainment; Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation; Information Technology; and Manufacturing.

Students can also find general occupational data for selected occupations in the Occupational Outlook Report for your area. These reports include data on wages, benefits, skills, education, training and experience requirements, worker supply and demand assessment, advancement potential, occupational projections, employment trends, and recruitment. Occupational Outlook Reports can be obtained in Job Placement.