Job Search

Yuba College’s Job Placement partners with local, state, and national employers as well as other schools in order to provide students with employment opportunities. In addition, Job Placement manages on-campus employment opportunities. Here are the types of jobs available through Yuba College Job Placement:

On Campus Work Study (Student Worker/Peer Mentor/Intern):

Employment opportunities on campus are commonly referred to as student worker positions. Your education is Yuba College’s top priority.


Types of On Campus Employment Available:

  1. District Employment: On campus positions that utilize district funding to employ student workers on campus. The availability of these positions depends on college department/district budget, so positions are limited.
  2. Federal Work Study (FWS): Commonly referred to as FWS. On campus and some off campus (with approval) positions that utilize federal funds to employ student workers on campus. This program is administered through the Financial Aid Office. To apply for a FWS position, you must submit a copy of the financial aid award letter to the Financial Aid Office (100B).
  3. CalWORKs Work Study (CWS): This program utilizes state funds to provide employment opportunities to qualifying parents with dependent children. Jobs may be on campus or in the community. Prior authorization is required for participation in CalWORKs Work Study. For more information about this program, please visit the college’s CalWORKs section or contact a Yuba College CalWORKs staff member at (530) 749-3875.
  4. VA Work Study: This program allows student veterans an opportunity to work while attending college.  Funds are provided by the Veterans Administration and require a VA Work Study application.  For more information about this program, please visit the college’s School Certifying Official located in the Veterans Resource Center (Room 725) or by calling 530-741-6822.