Tutor Hall of Fame

The College Success Center is proud of its tutors, and the staff recognizes the truly exceptional tutors for the dedication and contributions they have made promoting the success of the students of Yuba College.

Our tutoring staff is efficient, well-trained, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. A tutor at the CSC must possess the following qualifications and characteristics to be employed:

  • Have an overall 3.00 grade point average or higher
  • Pass the course they wish to tutor with an A
  • Be approved by the faculty
  • Complete an intensive tutor training program (Education 20)
  • Be committed to student success

To be a member of the College Success Center Hall of Fame, a tutor must meet three requirements:

  • tutored 10 or more students in a single semester;
  • have these same students in six or more tutoring sessions;
  • have at least a 90% pass rate for these same students.

College Success Center
Tutoring Hall of Fame

Term Year Tutor Subject
fall 1998 Jose Servin Mathematics
spring 1999 Quy Bui
Abby Shalz
fall 1999 Trinity Dawson
Abby Shalz
spring 2000 Quy Bui**
Pamela Hoopes
Kiera Lee
Abrar Shauket
summer 2000 Jason Mathews Mathematics
fall 2000 Quy Bui***
Trinity Dawson**
fall 2001 Quy Bui**** Mathematics
spring 2002 Trinity Dawson*** Mathematics
fall 2002 Angie Drope
Porfiro Lopez
fall 2003 Manjinder Singh Mathematics
fall 2004 Amanda Knight
Lisa Krumwide
spring 2006 Kraig Kunde Mathematics
fall 2006 Veronica Roguski Mathematics
fall 2009 Robert Cross
Dinara Ismailova
Bobbi Johnson
Carrie Lysinger
Marcus Rainford
Suzanne Trefzger

Congratulations to the members of the College Success Center Tutoring Hall of Fame and thank you for a job well done.