Scheduled Individual and Group Tutoring Sessions

Group Sessions:

The CSC offers scheduled group tutoring sessions to facilitate “active” learning so students become more independent learners. These groups are comprised of a specially trained tutor and a small cohort of students enrolled in the same class. The group meets twice weekly throughout the semester. The regularity and consistency of the group sessions promote the development of good rapport between the tutor and tutees so the result is more of a team approach to learning.

The activities during each session are designed to augment what is being taught in the classroom. The tutor clarifies concepts and addresses specific questions for improved understanding. Tutees are expected to complete all homework assignments in preparation for their next session as the homework is often reviewed and discussed at that time. The tutor also coaches students in preparation for exams and may be able to provide a “mock” exam for practice.

Individual Sessions:

The CSC offers individualized tutoring sessions under certain circumstances depending on the needs of the student. Individualized tutorial service may be appropriate for students with disabilities that impact their learning such as significant hearing, visual, and/or mobility limitations. Other times, an instructor will make a request for specialized tutoring as a means of providing the most useful assistance in consideration of special circumstances. If you would like to discuss the possibility of individualized tutoring sessions, contact Quy (for math and related subjects) or Tony (for content classes).