Test and Examination Reviews

Math Study Hall for Common Final Exam:

Each semester, just before final exams, the CSC collaborates with the Math faculty to schedule an evening Study Hall for Common Final Exam session just before the day of scheduled final exams. This popular and well-attended study hall is open to all students enrolled in Math 111, Math 50, Math 52, and Statistics 1. Faculty and senior tutors work with small groups to prepare students for the forthcoming final exams. Clarification of math concepts, supervised skill practice, and working through sample test questions are all part of the review sessions.

Final Review Sessions:

The CSC also coordinates review sessions in preparation for the final exams for many classes each semester. These review sessions occur during the week of finals and are facilitated by tutors. A minimum number of students must sign up for the sessions as they are intended to be small group collaboration. Ask your tutor about the possibility of a final review session for your class. The Final Review Sessions are open to all students enrolled in the class.
Look for the date and time of these events which will be posted in the CSC lobby as well as on the CSC website.