WLDC online tutoring

WLDC offers online tutoring using Canvas with Zoom. We will maintain this arrangement until further notice.

  • You can keep existing appointments at your usual day and time.
  • You can drop in during normal work hours; we may be able to help you right away although appointments take precedence.
  • You can make one-time appointments using the Appointments link at the left. One-time appointments are 50 minutes long. If you have trouble finding or making a one-time appointment, email Kelly Cunningham(kcunning1@yccd.edu). We will get you handled.

Please complete an online Request for Services form. You only need to submit this form once each semester. If you already submitted a paper form for the current semester, you do not need to submit one online.

How to join an online session

The easiest way to access online tutoring is through our Canvas site, YC Writing Center. This is where online tutoring resides. When you join us through our Canvas site, you don’t need to do anything extra with Zoom. Just do this:

  1. If you don’t see YC Writing Center in your Canvas, self-enroll in YC Writing Center (yccd.instructure.com/enroll/4FWW94). It only takes about three minutes.
  2. Once you’ve enrolled, go to the Canvas course and click ConferZoom on the left navigation menu. Open Zoom when it asks you to. Finally, join the Event in Progress using your computer’s video and audio. We will be here to say hi!

You need a computer with audio input. A camera is useful but optional. If bandwidth is an issue you may choose to mute your video input to favor the audio; screen sharing will still work.

If you are using your phone to connect and for some reason are unable to use Canvas on your phone, it is possible to log into our daily sessions through the standalone Zoom app. In that case, you will need both the daily meeting ID and the daily password. Email  Kelly Cunningham (kcunning1@yccd.edu) for the information you need.

What an online tutoring session looks like

In an online tutoring appointment using Canvas with Zoom, you work in a virtual breakout room with a tutor. You share your screen (Google Docs, Word, Canvas, email–anything) to get feedback and ideas. You share the assignment prompt the same way. If you are doing a close reading analysis or working with a difficult article, you can share those and get clarification and ideas.

For more information about how we work with academic reading and writing, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Important dates to know

Our last day of fall tutoring using Zoom will be Friday, December 18th. The last day to upload an assignment and draft for asynchronous feedback will be Wednesday, December 16th. As usual, we recommend you don’t wait until the last minute to finish things up. Tutoring and feedback will be unavailable after December 18th. The WLDC will re-open virtually, after winter break, in January 2021.