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Rosa Parks

Rose Parks is a famous African American woman, and she is often called “the mother of
the civil rights movement.” She was born into a poor but hardworking African American family
in Alabama, and no one suspected that she would become the spark that ignited the civil rights
movement in the United States. The movement changed U.S. society forever, and it helped
African Americans attain equal rights under the law.

Parks became famous quite by accident. One day in 1955, she was on her way home
from her job in a Montgomery, Alabama, department store. She boarded a city bus with three
other African Americans. They sat in the fifth row. The fifth row was the first row American
Americans were allowed to sit in. A few stops later, the front four rows filled up. A white man
was left standing.

According to the laws of that time, African Americans had to give up their seats to
whites, so the bus driver asked Parks and the other three African Americans to get up and
move. Although the others complied, Parks refused. She later said she was not tired from work,
but tired of being treated like a second-class citizen. The bus driver called the police, who
arrested Parks and took her away in handcuffs.

Over the weekend, a protest was organized, and on the following Monday, African
American people in Montgomery began a boycott of the public buses, and the boycott was
tremendously successful, and it lasted more than a year. The Supreme Court of the United
States finally ruled that segregation on public transportation was unconstitutional. African
Americans had won a huge victory, and they realized their power to change the system.

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