Congratulations! Here is your placement recommendation.

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Based on your responses to the questions, we recommend you take ESL Level 5. Yuba College offers both credit and noncredit classes for level 5.

Possible class combinations

  • ESL 553/253: Intermediate Grammar
  • ESL 555/255: Integrated Skills
  • ESL 558/258: Intermediate Writing
  • ESL 559/259 MAT: Language of Math for ESL Students
  • ESL 559/259 EMP: English for Employment
  • ESL 546L: Language Lab (provides support for levels 4-6)

If you have more questions, you can make an appointment with a counselor to discuss your placement and class options. Please call 530-634-7789 (Bldg:100B Room:149) to schedule an ESL placement appointment. You may also contact William Cook (Professor ESL) at Please take these recommendations with you to your appointment.

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