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Remediation ATI Practice and Proctored Exam Screenshots

ATI Remediation Focused Review FAQ

Focused Review Progress

Focused Review Progress






Once you complete the remediation review in your ATI account (Video of how to complete the review) you will be submitting ATI 3 Critical Points Remediation to your instructor. Here is a

ATI Example of 3 Critical Points Remediation.

ATI-Pulse Student Quick-Start-Guide

If you need assistance:

Live customer service agents are available Monday – Friday, 6 am to 9 pm Central Time. Phone: (800) 667-7531

How do I contact ATI Customer Service ( with a search area for frequently asked questions

Username and Password – Help Center (

In your account there is a chat function in your account on the lower right-hand side of your screen the icon looks like this:

support icon




Also, in your account there is a Help function in your menu bar the icon looks like this:

help word on the menu


black logo YC