Prior to participating on a team from Yuba College, student-athletes are required to provide the Athletic Department with current address, emergency contact, insurance, medical alert and health history information.  To expedite this process, Yuba College uses an online data enrty system named SportsWareOnline.

All student-athletes at Yuba College are required to Join SportsWareOnline.

The first time you visit the website yo will need to join SportsWareOnline using the instructions below.  If you already have an account, please refer to the “Updating Your Information” section in the provided instructions below.

New Student-Athlete Checklist-

  • You are required to follow New Student-Athlete guidelines: if this is your first time joining a Yuba College athletic team(even if you transferred and played at another institution), or you have not continuously played for Yuba College and had at least a year off.
  • All New Student-Athletes are required to join SportsWareOnline and choose the New Athlete option found in the General information category under Grad Class to ensure that you are provided with the appropriate preparticipation paperwork.
  • Complete all required paperwork provided in your SportsWareOnline account.
  • HELPFUL HINT-When entering Insurance Company- If you truly have no Primary Insurance, please enter None
  • All New Student-Athletes are also required to obtain a Preparticipation Exam/Sports Physical prior to their sport participation.
  • Preparticipation Exams/Sports Physicals can either be submitted to the Athletic Training Staff(Building 2000), or e-mailed to or for review.
  • Chiropractic Examinations cannot be accepted.
  • Please print out these 2 Preparticipation Exam forms below for your medical provider to complete your Sports Physical Exam.
  • Physical Exam Musculoskeletal Assessment
  • Physical Exam General Assessment
  • Any questions, please call Greg Lopin or Corey Blaschek-Miller at 530-741-6837
  •  Please visit the preventative programs section for continued education and awareness

Returning Student-Athlete Checklist-

  • You are required to follow Returning Student-Athlete guidelines: if you have already participated on a Yuba College athletic team and are returning for the next consecutive season.
  • All Returning Student-Athletes must have a SportsWareOnline account established and maintained ensuring to complete any updated paperwork required.
  •  Returning Athletes must review all their information thoroughly(address, emergency information, insurance etc…), make sure it is complete and updated.
  • In the General information section, make sure that your Grad Class category is listed as Returning Athlete to ensure you are provided with the appropriate preparticipation paperwork.
  • Any questions please call (530) 741-6837 or e-mail Greg Lopin or Corey Blaschek-Miller
  • For continued education and awareness, please visit Preventative Programs