1996 Bay Valley Silver Division:

1st team: Leilani Limary Infield Cindy Haro Pitcher

2nd team: Beth Hendrix Outfield

Honorable Mention: Melissa Smith Pitcher
Jolene Spence Pitcher

1997 Bay Valley Silver Division:

1st team: Jessie Brown Pitcher 2nd team: Jaca Talle Pitcher
Sheryl Mix Infielder Estee Holland Infielder
Leilani Limary Infielder

1997 All State Team:


1998 Bay Valley Gold Division: 22-16

1st team: Sheryl Mix Infielder 2nd team: Jennifer Ramirez Infielder
Cindy Haro Utility Dawn Cecil Utility

1999 Bay Valley Gold Division:

1st team: Laura Belza Pitcher 2nd team: Jill Ramirez Outfielder
Lori Gon Catcher

2000 Bay Valley Silver Division:

1st team: 2nd team: Kristin Trejo Catcher
Breanna Walker 1st Base
Honorable Mention: Summer Haymore Outfielder
Shyla Silva Infielder

2001 Bay Valley Silver Division: 2-23

Honorable Mention: Kristie Calvert Catcher

2002 Bay Valley Silver Division: 24-14

1st team: Marissa Vodden Pitcher 2nd team: Marcella Mitchell Infielder
Sonja Mitchell Utility Kortney Hendrix Outfield
Honorable Mention: Christina Allis 1st Base

2003 Bay Valley Silver Division: 14-26

1st team 2nd team: Kibbe La Chappa Utility
Liz Mabray Catcher

Honorable Mention: Taryn Schreckengost Utility
Marissa Vodden Pitcher

2004 Bay Valley East 9-27

1st Team Krystal Gualco Outfield 2nd team:
Honorable Mention: Sherrae Scott 1st Base
Katie Proell Infield
Niesje Estrada Utility

2005 Bay Valley East: 10-32

1st team: 2nd team: Amber Landrum Pitcher
Hedrick Maria Infield
Honorable Mention: Mikiala Puaa-Freitas Infield

2006 Bay Valley Conference: (new realigned) 13-33

1st team: Talia Tapua utility 2nd team: Stephanie Chapman Pitcher
Shawna Warner Short Stop

2007 Bay Valley Conference: 21-23

1st team: Stephanie Champman utility 2nd team: Lyndsay Akin Outfield
Kami Kapaku Short stop Amy Daniels Pitcher
Kiertstan McCoy Outfield Dana Owens Infield

2008 Bay Valley Conference: 10-34

1st team: 2nd team: Jordan boom Catcher
Kimi Kaiser Outfield

2009 Bay Valley Conference: 13-29

1st team: Jessie Brown Utility 2nd Team: Jessica Daugherty Infield
Courtney Judkins Pitcher
Kimi Kaiser Outfield
Player of the Year and All State Team:
Katelyn Noreen 1st Base

2010 Bay Valley Conference: 17-18

1st team: Courtney Judkins Pitcher 2nd team: Katelyn Noreen 1st base
Ashley Rovito Catcher
Robin Lowery Outfield
Cydnie Reynolds Infield

2011 Bay Valley Conference: 7-27

1st team: Lyndsay Odom-Sizemore Infield 2nd team: Jackie Sizemore Utility

2013 Bay Valley All Conference:

1st team: Jackie Tanner Infield, Samantha Prosser Infield, Ashley Gillmore Outfield

2nd Team: Taylor Crabb Pitcher, Joclynn Accola Pitcher, Morgan Thome Catcher

Play-off Appearances:

1998, 2009,2013