The listed positions are not with the Yuba College Veterinary Technology Program. Rather, this is a job board with postings sent to the program from outside veterinary facilities. Please inquire with the respective facility with questions.

Current Postings as of October 12, 2022.  Please note that some postings may be outdated, please contact hospital to see if the position is still available. Don’t forget to scroll through the entire selection of job posts.


Registered Veterinary Technician (City of Yuba City-Sutter Animal Services Authority)-Yuba City, CA

SALARY: $24.92 – $30.29 Hourly
DEPARTMENT: Community Services
DIVISION: Animal Control Services
OPENING DATE: 10/11/22
CLOSING DATE: 10/25/22 05:00 PM

The Position

Incumbents allocated to this journey level classification are responsible for carrying out the directions of a licensed veterinarian to provide paramedical treatment for animals in accordance with applicable federal, state and local law.  Incumbents allocated to this position may also train and oversee other employees and volunteers in the application of a licensed veterinarian’s treatment and care directives for impounded animals.  Incumbents in this job class perform a full range of duties and responsibilities.  Employees at this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies within the work unit.  Incumbents allocated to this job class must work independently and possess the ability to prioritize assignments in an effective and productive manner. Incumbents allocated to this classification must work effectively and tactfully with diverse individuals as well as handle and control animals in a safe and humane manner.

Minimum Qualifications

Education:  Successful completion of the equivalent of a high school diploma from an accredited institution supplemented with designated coursework in animal care and treatment.
Experience:  Must be comfortable and skilled at venipuncture, induction of surgery, intubation, preparation, and support during surgical procedures.  Including anesthesia and recovery procedures.Licenses and/or Certificates Required:
Possession of a valid and appropriate California state driver’s license.
Registration as a Registered Veterinary Technician by the state of California Board of Examiners in Veterinary Medicine.

Important Information

FINAL FILING DATE: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 by 5:00PM (PST)
The information above is a brief summary of job duties. Please visit for additional information regarding this position and employment with the City of Yuba City. 
  • You must demonstrate that you meet the minimum qualifications of the position.
  • Please complete ALL sections of the application.  A résumé or other supplemental materials may be attached to your application, but will not be accepted in lieu of completing any part of the application.  Blank applications that reference “see résumé” will be disqualified. Your resume and supplemental materials will not be considered as part of the initial screening process.
  • Be sure to review your application prior to submission. No new or additional information will be accepted after the closing date.
  • Application materials are the property of the City of Yuba City and will not be returned.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your NEOGOV profile updated, including any changes to your telephone number and email address.  Failure to do so may result in missed notification of exams or interviews.
  • Applications must be received by 5:00PM (PST) on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

Selection Process
The minimum qualifications as stated in this job announcement represent only the basic requirements of the position. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee that a candidate will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.
The recruitment process involves multiple steps which may include but are not limited to:

  • Video One-Way Interviews
  • Speed Interviews
  • Oral Panel Interviews
  • Department Interviews
  • Written Testing
  • Physical Agility Testing – for Safety Positions
Please note: The entire recruitment process from recruitment opening date to start date could take 6 – 12 weeks for successful candidates.
Final candidates must pass pre-employment screening which may include:
  • Fingerprinting
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Substance Screening
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Reference Check
Equal Employment Opportunity
The City of Yuba City does not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, race, color, national origin, age, or disability in employment or the provision of service. Veterans, women, minorities and the disabled are encouraged to apply. EOE.
The Human Resources Department will make reasonable efforts in the recruitment process to accommodate candidates with disabilities. Please contact the Human Resources Department at least 72 hours in advance so such aids or services can be arranged.  TTY users may contact Human Resources at (530) 822-4732.
The provisions of this job announcement do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provisions contained in this announcement may be modified or revoked without notice.Questions
Thank you for your interest in employment with the City of Yuba City. If you have questions regarding this job announcement or the application process:
  • For a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the NEOGOV application process, visit
  • Visit the City of Yuba City website:
  • Email the Human Resources Department at
  • Call the Human Resources Department at (530) 822-4610
  • Visit City Hall: 1201 Civic Center Blvd, Yuba City, CA 95993


Registered Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant (Rio Linda Veterinary Clinic)-Rio Linda, CA

We are a privately owned small animal veterinary clinic. We are a one doctor practice focused on superb
customer service. We have old school values and care deeply about our customer care. We offer a full range
of medical services and are a very busy practice. We are seeking a new Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant to join our team. This is a temporary full
time position with the potential of becoming permanent. As a member of our team you, will work with fellow technicians, receptionists and the doctor. We are looking for a new employee and are willing to train, but would also welcome an experienced technician who is looking
for a small business environment. Candidate must be available for shifts Wednesday through Saturday starting at 7:45 am and ending between
6:00 & 8:00 pm. All applicants must submit a cover letter.

What You Will Do:
• Obtain histories from clients, weigh & temp patients, administer vaccines & medications, fill
prescriptions, in-house lab testing, venipuncture, sterile surgery preparation, restrain pets, educate
clients, clean & wrap surgery packs, call clients with lab results, take radiographs.

What You Will Bring:
Our ideal candidate will have the following credentials/skills:
• High School or GED
• A good positive attitude, eagerness to learn, hard worker, work well as a team and a love for animals

Why You’ll Love Us:
Our company is a close tight knit group of workers that fosters a happy work place and low stress. We have
great relationships with our clients making the job very rewarding.
Salary range for this position is $15.00 – $18.00 per hour. We offer the following benefits:
• Uniform allowance, Discounted personal pet care
• Opportunity for an inexperienced employee to get into the field
• Vacation and sick leave with full payout if not used at year end
• Regular overtime
• Medical benefits and 401k once permanent


 Veterinary Technician I (Biomere-West)-Richmond, CA

Job Description: Veterinary Technicians work under the direct supervision of the Veterinarian and Supervisor with general guidance of the veterinary staff. Veterinary Technicians assist veterinary staff in the documentation and veterinary clinical care of all laboratory animal health cases. The goal of this department is to collaborate with and provide expert support to our research scientists in the discovery, characterization, and development of novel therapeutic products for a variety of human diseases. As a Laboratory Animal Sciences (LAS) team, we are dedicated to providing excellent animal care, progressive veterinary medicine, and expert lab animal science knowledge.

We are open to new graduates with laboratory animal experience, especially rodent and nonhuman primate.

Please contact Marc Gonzalez, Animal Care Supervisor at if interested.


Registered Veterinary Technician (Watt Avenue Pet Hospital)-Sacramento, CA
Licensed RVT needed for a busy small animal hospital in Sacramento.
Must be proficient in dentistry, surgery, intubation, IV catheter placement, monitoring anesthesia, IDEXX digital x-rays, Cornerstone software, IDEXX in house laboratory, exam room assistance and prep, blood draws from cats and dogs.
Seeking a team player and someone who is very experienced in a hospital setting, dependable & self motivated.
$35/hr DOE
Please email resume or bring a  resume in person.
Watt Avenue Pet Hospital
3321 Watt Ave #109
Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 482-4084

Animal Observation Technician, aka, Sheep Sitter Technician (Biosurg Inc.)-Winters, CA

Classification: Animal Observation Technician (Sheep Sitter)
Department: 1) Animal Care and Welfare and 2) Research and Surgery
Function: Responsibility for daily animal care and data collection duties performed to ensure
quality animal care in accordance with federal regulations, BioSurg Standard
Operating Procedures and specific study protocols.
Authority: Derives Authority from Laboratory Animal Veterinarian, for Animal Care and
Welfare functions. For research activities direct authority is the Director of Surgery
and Research.
1. Essential Functions (include but are not limited to):
1.1. General Animal Care
1.1.1. Administering medications (PO, IM, and IV)
1.1.2. Basic physicals-take rectal temperature, heart rates, respirations
1.1.3. Feeding
1.1.4. Cleaning
1.2. Post-operative Animal Care
1.2.1. Monitoring and interpreting physiological parameters including, but not limited to, EKG,
cardiac output, blood gases, and arterial pressure.
1.2.2. Keep animal in a sternal position
1.3. Data Collection/ Record Keeping
1.3.1. Record changes / trends in physiologic parameters
1.3.2. Record general animal behavior, appetite, condition of stool, presence/absence of urine
1.3.3. Documentation of drug administration
1.3.4. Be able to write complete sentences
1.3.5. Have legible hand writing
1.3.6. Use acceptable medical abbreviations
1.4. GLP Studies
1.4.1. Understand the Study Protocol
1.4.2. Single point of authority for a GLP is the Study Director be able to follow all instructions
given by the Study Director
1.5. Available Shifts
1.5.1. 8:00am – 4:00pm
1.5.2. 4:00pm – 12:00am
1.5.3. 12:00am – 8:00am
2. Clerical
2.1. Be able to follow BioSurg Clerical Guidelines.
3. Equipment: use may include these mentioned but not limited to:
3.1. Computer, IV fluid administration pumps, air purification portable Hepa filters, oxygen tanks and
O2 flowmeters, manure fork/shovel, commercial size mop and broom
3.2. Study specific equipment – learn how to use
4. Standard Operating Procedures:
4.1. Responsible to have knowledge and complete understanding of and follow all SOPs for this
department and have this documented in your training record
4.2. Understand and follow BioSurg administrative and safety policies and procedures.
4.3. Government Regulations – Must have a thorough understanding of Good Laboratory Practice
Regulations for FDA, Cardiovascular Device Guidance from FDA, USDA Animal Welfare Act
BIOSURG I N C 2 7 9 5 6 S T A T E H I G H W A Y 1 2 8 , W I N T E R S , C A 9 5 6 9 4 5 3 0. 7 95 .2 3 5 6 FA X: 53 0 .7 9 5. 36 5 6
BioSurg SOP: A022fm01Rev04 Page 2 of 3
Date Initiated: 4/20/98 Date Revised: 10/15/2020
Computer File Location: ASOP
and all Policies published by USDA, and AALAC (The Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory
Animals) standards of care.
5. Attendance:
5.1. Must be able to work on a consistent and routine basis. Must be able to be on time
for your shift.
5.2. Must notify BioSurg if unable to come in for your shift and if possible find a replacement animal
6. Confidentiality:
6.1. Must be able to maintain a strict level of confidentiality for BioSurg and client information and
behave in a Professional manner at all times.
7. Physical Requirements: Be able to lift approximately 30 Lbs. Be able to bend over to clean stalls,
hold sheep or calves for medications or emergency procedures. Be able to tolerate dust that occurs
with naturally cured hay and straw.
7.1. Speech: Must be able to work with employees and clients with multiple nationalities and dialects
and communicate clearly.
7.2. Vision: Must have visual ability to read fine detailed documents and computer screen documents
for several hours each day.
8. Psychological: Must be able to maintain tact and diplomacy with co-workers and clients during
stressful situations.
9. Qualifications:
9.1. Animal Care experience required
9.2. College degree desirable but not required
10. Physical Working Area Description:
10.1. This position requires working in a barn like setting with stalls bedded with straw.
10.2. The temperature in the room for the graveyard shift can sometime be cool
11. Occupational Health and Safety
11.1. All BioSurg safety policies, procedures, state and federal OSHA standards will be followed.
11.2. Species of animals that employee will be working with are bovine, sheep, pigs, rabbits, dogs,
cats. These animals can transmit zoonotic diseases.
11.3. A Pre-Hire medical evaluation or medical history will be done by a physician or equivalent and a
statement from said medical practitioner stating that this employee is cleared to work at this job
description in this working environment.
12. Hazardous Exposure Warning/Safety Equipment and knowledge of OSHA regulations:
12.1. The position involves a potential for exposure to agents known to cause zoonotic disease in
humans and the use of potentially hazardous chemicals as defined by the OSHA Hazard
Communication Standard (29 CFR). A complete list of such chemicals is available from the
Safety officer and documented in BioSurg SOP SA007 Hazard Communication Plan. The
employee must be able to follow all BioSurg safety rules, SOPs, 6+and individual
accommodations made by BioSurg for individual situations.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Julie Epping at


Full-time Veterinary Assistant (Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinic (SPEC))-Salinas, CA

As an equine referral practice, SPEC provides our patients with around the clock care and monitoring in our ICU and hospital stalls, 24-hour emergency service (ambulatory and in-clinic), surgery, internal medicine, advanced diagnostics, reproduction, lameness and general wellness. With specialists in surgery, internal medicine, sports medicine and equine general practice we receive referral cases from all across central coastal California.

Required Qualifications Include:

· Team-oriented, self-motivated and positive individual with a strong work ethic

· Excellent horse-handling, communication, customer service, and organizational skills

· Able to efficiently multi-task in a fast-paced environment

· Experience in horse handling and restraint is required

· Equine veterinary practice experience is preferred

· Must be 18 years or older

· Must be available some nights, weekends, and holidays on a rotational basis for surgery on-call duties

Responsibilities Include:

· Working with our veterinarians and technicians to provide excellent patient care

· Assisting with procedures

· Practicing safe handling and restraint for horses during evaluations

· Maintaining accurate patient records and invoices

· Restocking of supplies and assisting with inventory management

· Setting up diagnostic equipment for procedures

· Collecting, preparing and running laboratory samples

· Cleaning and packaging medical instruments and equipment for sterilization

· Being very observant of our patients’ comfort and needs, and alerting doctors of any problems

Background check, motor vehicle records history, and drug testing required. Our team members are highly skilled and passionate about providing the best care for our patients, and we pride ourselves on the family like atmosphere at the practice so a good personality fit is essential. We offer competitive wages commensurate with experience, as well as a comprehensive benefit package (health insurance, Aflac, 401k with employer match, PTO, and holiday pay) for qualified employees.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to


Kennel Worker (Hightest Kennels)-Oroville, CA

Salary-Starting at minimum wage


Summary-Under general supervision provide care for dogs in the kennel including, but not limited to: kennel cleaning, feeding, grooming, bathing, and exercising dogs.

Essential Job Functions

· Perform daily cleaning of kennels, crates, and public areas. Ability to follow proper disease control protocol to ensure a safe and sanitary environment.

· Record and keep trainers and appropriate staff informed of animal health, behaviors, and concerns

· Exercise dogs two times per day, or as assigned

· Spot-clean kennels and public areas throughout the day

· Stock all kennel/cleaning supplies as needed

· Clean, fold, and stock kennel laundry

· Throw for the Gun Dog program

· Other duties as assigned

Required Knowledge and Skills

· Work with efficiency, speed, and accuracy

· Follow instruction given by superiors and/or co-workers

· Accurate written and verbal communication

· Strong customer service skills

· Ability to adapt to change in procedures as needed

· Ability to use various equipment to perform tasks (hose, shovel, dog collar, drive ATV and/or golf cart etc.)


Minimum Requirements-Education, Certifications and Licenses

· High school diploma or GED equivalent preferred

· CA Driver License preferred

· Current Hunter’s Safety or Hunting License


Environmental Factors and Conditions/Physical Requirements

· Working in a loud environment (dogs barking, equipment etc.)

· Use of various sanitizing chemicals (appropriate safety equipment provided)

· Ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.

· Ability to sit, walk, stand, kneel, crouch for prolonged periods of time

· Working in wet environments for prolonged periods of time

· Working in dry/dusty environments for prolonged periods of time

· Working outside year round in various weather conditions

· Handling live and dead game birds


Equipment and Tools Utilized

· Hose/Pressure Washer

· Shovel, Rake and various hand tools

· 22 Starter Pistol and/or 12 gauge shot gun

· Other equipment as necessary to perform the essential functions of this position

Apply in person or send your resume to

Hightest Kennels1021 Lower Honcut Rd.Oroville, CA


Registered Veterinary Technician (VCA Animal Care Center of Sonoma County)-Rohnert Park, CA


We are seeking talented Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT) to join our team! Located near Santa Rosa, at VCA Animal Care Center of Sonoma County, you will be joining a 24-hour emergency and specialty hospital that has been caring for the pets of our community for over 40 years. We value a culture of teamwork with a positive and fun work environment. We are committed to excellence and exemplary care of pets and their human companions. We can only achieve this commitment through our passionate and dedicated team. Our leadership team is devoted to maintaining a supportive and compassionate work environment.

Here is what we will offer you:

· Educational support to reach your career goals

· Encouragement of professional growth and advancement

· Supportive learning environment

· Increased compensation for weekends and evenings

· Opportunities for overtime

· Competitive compensation

Our hospital is fully equipped with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment that includes MRI, CT, ultrasound, endoscopy and fluoroscopy. With access to a wide variety of equipment and resources, you will be able to provide the highest quality care to our patients. Advance your skills by having the opportunity to work with our various specialty departments: Emergency, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology and Dentistry.

Why Join The VCA Animal Care Center family?

We are passionate about supporting Veterinary Technicians and are committed to your continuing education and personal career development. VCA is a community of dedicated professionals that will encourage you to explore everything a Veterinary Technician career has to offer. At VCA we are committed to equity, inclusion, and diversity, and strive to be a place where a talented mix of people want to come, stay, and do their best work. We support a work environment where you can focus on your career, your happiness, and the patients you serve. Below are some of the many benefits of joining our team:

· 4 weeks of parental leave with 100% pay

· Employee Assistance Program

o Access to Emotional Health support

o Health & wellbeing resources

· 401K with company match

· Medical, Dental and vision insurance

· Penn Foster Scholarships available

· Continuing Education allowance

· Substantial employee pet discounts

· Scrub allowance

· Daily refreshments

· Flexible work schedules

o Full time work schedules include

§ 4 or 5 – 8 hour shifts/week

§ 4-10 hour shifts per week

§ 3 -12 hour shifts for overnights per week

· Part-time benefits will vary

Why We Want You!

As a member of the VCA team, you will support Technician and Doctor teams by creating a positive, welcoming atmosphere for our clients and patients. Our mission is to earn the trust of every pet parent—by delivering an outstanding client experience—so we can provide exceptional care to every patient. You’ve worked hard for your credentials (CVT, RVT, LVT) and we will give you the freedom to use the knowledge that you’ve invested your time and talent in. Some of the skills that you will be utilizing include, but are not limited to:

· Physical examinations and patient assessment

· Anesthesia monitoring

· Surgical preparation and assisting

· Dentistry

· Radiology

· Laboratory work

· Venipuncture

· Catheter placement

· Pharmacy

· Patient recovery

· Compassionate care of our hospitalized animals

Are you ready to be a part of a hospital team that feels like family, while having the support and resources to push your career forward? If so, we would love to connect with you!

Please e-mail hospital manager, Jessica Irwin @ if interested.

Veterinary Assistant (Milbradt Veterinary Hospital)-Gridley, CA
This hospital is currently looking for a veterinary assistant to join their team. f you have anyone interested they can drop off a resume at the office or they can email a resume at
The office is located at:
3079 Riviera Road
Gridley, CA 95948
Registered Veterinary Technician (For the Love of Pets Veterinary Hospital)-Grass Valley, CA
$20 to $26 Hourly
Employment Type: Full-Time
Why Work Here?
“Privately owned hospital with enthusiastic, present leadership team and vets. It’s a beautiful place to live- with or without kids.”

Support the veterinarian and/or the veterinary technician in their daily tasks. Obtain and record patient case histories; collect specimens and perform laboratory procedures; provide specialized nursing care; prepare animals, instruments, and equipment for surgery; assist in diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures; expose and develop radiographs (X-rays); advise and educate animal owners; supervise and train practice personnel; perform kennel work as needed, assist in the restraint and handling of animals, feed and exercise the animals, or spend time on clerical duties. General cleaning and sanitizing work areas as needed. Create and present estimates to clients. Enter medical notes and charges for tasks performed and as requested by the veterinarian or veterinary technician. Other duties within the scope of practice as requested or assigned. Perform dental prophylaxes, induce anesthesia, maintain Controlled Drug Log. Work under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.


  • Collecting urine samples, Drawing blood and, Performing lab procedures
  • Placing IV catheters
  • Inducing and monitoring anesthesia
  • Preparing patients for and assist in surgery
  • Patient treatments
  • Filling prescriptions and refills and pharmacy tasks
  • Client education and instruction
  • Medical record entries
  • Perform dental prophylaxis and treatment (COHAT) as prescribed in the CA Veterinary Medical Practice Act
  • Maintain credentials, including continuing education for CA state licensure as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

About For the Love of Pets Veterinary Hospital:

We are the practice that excels at traditional veterinary medical services and also provides integrative services like Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Class 4 Therapy Laser, Food Therapy, Chinese Herbs, and nutraceuticals. We have in hospital lab and radiology, and outside lab services. You are enthusiastic and positive about learning new things, and consider our patients and clients honored guests. Experience is a plus, but recent RVT licensees are welcome. We have experienced Veterinarians and technicians on the team who enjoy mentoring. We are expanding services and staff. If you are up for the challenge of participating in hospital expansion we need you! We are in the middle of all of Northern California’s fun. Miles of trails, equine trails, an hour south of Tahoe so “Snow can be a place you go” but you don’t have to plow the driveway. Close to Sacramento, SF, and beaches. Rural living in an upscale part of the Sierra Foothills.

Apply here:–M3AxNYseg


Veterinary Technician or Assistant (Alta View Animal Hospital)-Mountain View, CA

Job Description:
We are hiring Full-Time or Part-Time Veterinarian Technicians to join our friendly, hardworking, and caring team. We are looking for responsible, proficient, and motivated technicians with excellent customer service skills and the desire to learn. We strive to practice the highest quality small animal and exotic pet medicine in our state-of-the-art hospital. We provide the best possible care for our patients and clients in an environment that fosters professional growth, teamwork, and respect among our staff.

We are looking for hardworking and dedicated individuals. We are a teaching hospital for a local Veterinary Technician program and are eager to contribute to your professional development if you have limited experience.

About Alta View Animal Hospital:
Alta View Animal Hospital is pleased to serve the medical needs of the many communities of Silicon Valley. Our mission is to provide the very best veterinary care to our patients. Our doctors, hospital staff, and interns strive to continue their education to bring our patients the highest quality care available. We also want our clients and their pets to feel comfortable while in our hospital. Our philosophy is to care for all pets as if they were ours. Accordingly, we will give them the same love, attention, and care as though we were their owner. We are a team of animal lovers working together to give our patients the attention and care they deserve. We are also here for our clients! We know that being a pet owner can be challenging and scary. We want to give our client’s pets the lives they deserve. We know the best way to do that is to help our clients and serve our community.

Full-Time or Part-Time
Monday through Friday.
Saturday and Sunday are also available.

OUR WAGES ARE COMPETITIVE AND SKILL-BASED. We offer our staff formal and on the job training
opportunities and advancement. Wage increases are based upon improved skills and performance.
Salary: $20.00 to $25.00 /hour

• 401(k) and 401(k) matching
• Health insurance
• Paid time off
• Professional development assistance

If you are qualified and interested in a challenging career caring for the many animals of our Silicon Valley communities, working with a great group of people, please email your resume. Include a cover letter expressing your reasons for seeking this position.


(650) 948-1021


RVT (Sierra Ranch Veterinary Clinic)-Roseville, CA

Join our Sierra Ranch Veterinary Clinic Team! We are seeking a full time RVT to join our team. We are looking for applicants willing to work in a team setting with a positive attitude. A strong work ethic and excellent communication skills are a must. You must have previous experience working in the veterinary field.

Skills include:
General product knowledge: flea and heartworm preventatives, medications, etc.
Ability to multi-task and prioritize effectively
Strong animal handling skills
Ability to perform:

– TPR, understands signalments.

– Blood draws, IV Cath placement

– Basic diagnostics, which includes radiographs and in-house lab’s.

RVT’s that have interest in dentistry is a plus. We have digital radiographs for dentistry!

Good customer service skills
Ability to read and understand medical terminology
Pharmacology knowledge

Duties include, but are not limited to:
Answering multi-line telephones, scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records.
Communicating with clients regarding patient care.
Assisting doctors with medical care of patients.
Cleaning cages and kennels.

Registered Veterinary Technician license- Or will be taking test’s for license within 6 months is plus
Strong computer skills
Experience in the veterinary field required- Minimum 2 years’ experience
Must be available to work weekends

Send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements via email to No phone calls regarding this position.

– Phone Interview will be held first, and then Zoom/ in person interview.

We can’t wait to meet our new team member!

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: up to $23 per hour


  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off


  • 10 hour shift
  • 8 hour shift
  • Holidays
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends

COVID-19 considerations:
We are providing hand sanitizer, masks and gloves. We are as a team helping prevent the virus by wearing our mask’s at all times when social distancing isn’t possible.


  • Registered Veterinary Technician (Preferred)

Work Remotely:

  • No


Veterinary Assistant or RVT (Country Corners Veterinary Hospital)-Oregon House, CA

Small animal veterinary hospital in the Yuba Foothills looking for an RVT or Veterinary Assistant for part or full time employment. Experienced is preferred but will train the right individual.  Job duties include assisting DVM with appointments, radiology, laboratory testing, surgical preparation and monitoring, prescription refill, and recordkeeping. We offer a competitive salary, medical benefits, retirement plan, pet care discount and vacation.  If interested please call 530-692-9552 or email


Client Service Representative (Receptionist) (Country Corners Veterinary Hospital)-Oregon House, CA

Small animal hospital in the Yuba Foothills looking for a part or full time client service representative. Experience preferred but not necessary and will train the right individual.  Duties include data entry, filing, answering calls and making appointments. We offer a competitive salary, medical , retirement plan, pet care discount and vacation.  If interested please call 530-692-9552 or email


Part-time RVT, Veterinary Assistant, or Receptionist (Penn Valley Veterinary Associates)-Penn Valley, CA

We are a small 3 DVM practice in a small rural community in search of an RVT PT, Veterinary Assistant PT, and a Receptionist PT.

We would like experienced /knowledgeable applicants but willing to train the right candidates. Applicants must have great customer service skills and must be compassionate and caring to pets and people. Candidates must be able to multi task and work well under pressure with a smile.

Please send resumes to Attention Cindy.

Also feel free to come by and introduce yourself and drop off a resume

Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm

17404 Penn Valley Drive
Penn Valley, CA 95946

Thank You for considering Penn Valley Veterinary Associates


Registered Veterinary Technician (Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic)-Nevada City, CA

Busy small animal clinic in Nevada City is searching for a full time RVT to complete 4-10 hour shifts. Must be a compassionate animal lover with great customer service skills.  We have state of the art equipment, digital x-ray and dental x-ray.  Cornerstone knowledge preferred.

Please come visit, or give us a call.  530-478-9141.

Please send resume to


Registered Veterinary Technician (Gridley Veterinary Hospital)-Gridley, CA

Gridley Veterinary Hospital is currently looking for a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) to join our Veterinary Clinic Team. Our ideal candidate will be dynamic, efficient, have a well rounded background in veterinary medicine, spay/neuter, general surgery, be hard-working, have an interest in working with both humans and animals, and thrive in a fast-paced, teamwork based environment. This position is full time, although hours may be shortened on a case by case basis. Experience in veterinary dental procedures is preferred, but willing to train the right candidate. We require 1 year of experience. If you would love to work with animals in an energetic environment with a friendly team- we would love to meet you!


Core Responsibilities:

  • Assist in exam rooms and write up Electronic Medical Records
  • Be able to assist in Examinations from start to finish.
  • Putting in charges, charging out clients
  • Finishing complete medical records.
  • Pharmacy Duties
  • Clerical duties as needed
  • Reception duties as needed.
  • Induce and monitor anesthesia for surgical patients
  • Assist with surgical procedures, exams, treatments, and patient care
  • Communicate/record patient observations effectively
  • Assist our veterinarian in educating clients on their pet’s condition and any medication dispensed
  • Assist with maintaining medical records and treatments of hospitalized animals.
  • Assist with euthanasia procedures.
  • Participate in CURES reporting and maintaining drug logs.

Other requirements:

  • Manage clinic database to keep accurate, professional, and legible records, including all forms and data entry of controlled drugs, animal information, procedures, etc.
  • Follow established safe and humane protocols in handling of animals.
  • Learn and apply preventative protocols.
  • Follow cross contamination protocol. Follow all medical protocols.
  • Maintain current California RVT license.


  • Follow all established safety procedures and protocols.
  • Model safe work practices by following all safety guidelines to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Take immediate action to address any safety concerns that could put a staff member, volunteer, customer, animal, or the organization at risk.
  • Wear required clothing, identification, and job-specific safety gear.
  • Demonstrate understanding of animal diseases and transmission to other animals and people.


Team member performs duties in all areas of facilities. The environment can be dirty, smelly, noisy, stressful, and demanding. There is exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals, animals, parasites and infectious disease. Subject to animal bites and scratches while handling animals. Regularly lift, carry animals weighing up to 50 pounds. Work can be physically and emotionally demanding.


This is a full time position/ part time considered. Most holidays we are closed.  Employee must attend mandatory training and meetings as the employer determines necessary or desirable to meet business needs.

WAGE: Competitive Hourly Wage ranging between $15-$30 dollars per hour depending on level of experience and years invested in the profession.


Must be able to lift a maximum of 50lbs.

Please submit a resume and cover letter in person for consideration. Must have current CA RVT license.

27 E Gridley Road #A

Gridley, CA 95948

You may submit via email to, but in person is preferred.

Veterinary Assistant or RVT (Lodi Pet Hospital)-Lodi, CA

Come join our family!

We are a growing, busy, independent hospital that values our practice culture and employee satisfaction as much as the exceptional quality medicine and client service we provide.

We are looking for an experienced RVT that fits into our supportive, team culture, is detail-oriented, goal-driven with a desire to grow professionally, and has superior time-management skills. Exceptional income and benefits package including: Uniform allowance, Life insurance, Health Insurance, 401k, Vacation and Holiday pay. Paid CE and Licensing.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Please submit your resume and cover letter to Kerrie Heilbrun at


Registered Veterinary Technician (North Fork Veterinary Clinic)-Auburn, CA

We are looking for a friendly, outgoing and energetic Registered Veterinary Technician to join our well trained and experienced staff. Applicants must work well with dogs, cats and people. We are located 1 hour west of Lake Tahoe and 30 minutes east of Sacramento in the beautiful foothill city of Auburn. Our facility is modern and well equipped (Paperless records, digital x-ray, digital dental x-ray, in-house lab, ultrasound, laser, etc.). We offer a competitive salary plus benefit package including: medical, vacation time, sick time, professional liability insurance, CE pay and professional organization dues. For more information about the North Fork Veterinary Clinic please visit us at: FYI; Auburn is a perfect place for the outdoor enthusiast, as it offers excellent hiking, mountain biking, fishing, boating, camping and hunting opportunities!
Email or call if interested:

Full-Time Animal Caregiver, Live-in (Animal Place)-Grass Valley, CA

Immediate Supervisor: Animal Care Director

Position: The Animal Caregiver assists in the care of the 350+ animals (pigs, chickens, cows, turkeys, sheep, goats, rabbits, Donkeys) living at the sanctuary under supervision of the Animal Care Director. Animal Caregivers are responsible for the cleaning, feeding, and medical care of the animals.  See below for specific responsibilities and duties.


  • Animal feeding/watering and maintaining animal feed schedules
  • Daily animal health care and maintaining treatment records
  • Daily cleaning duties and maintaining the shelter areas
  • Aiding with weekly species health checks
  • Training and supervising shelter interns and volunteers
  • Assisting with veterinary visits and setting up treatment protocols
  • Completing shelter office projects as assigned
  • Maintaining sanctuary grounds


  • Passionate about working for and with farmed animals
  • Previous farmed animal sanctuary experience required (1-2 years)
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Good animal behavior and observation skills
  • Able to work outdoors in all weather conditions, including cold/wet weather (average low is 35F) and hot summers (average high is 95-100F)
  • Able to lift 50 pounds and perform strenuous/manual labor. Large portion of this position is cleaning barns, restocking supplies such as feed bags(50lbs), and working with other animal care staff to move straw and hay bales weighing up to 100lbs.
  • Works well with a variety of people
  • Strong communication and listening skills
  • Able to follow detailed verbal and written instructions and meet time sensitive demands
  • Able to learn and process new information quickly
  • Team player and self-motivator
  • Comfortable dealing politely with the general public
  • Committed to Animal Place’s mission and a desire to be a part of the Animal Place family
  • Willing to work on weekend/holidays/varying shift times
  • Able to maintain varied shift times. Early shifts beginning as early as 5am and late shifts ending as late as 9:30pm. Each caregiver is on a variety of these shifts each week.
  • Valid driver’s license and good driving record (subject to verification) Ability to drive Animal Place vehicles including trucks, cargo vans, and stock trailers is required for this position.

On-site Housing: ONE person only unit
Additional live-in responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • On-call 2-3 days a week, on-call must remain on the property overnight
  • Covering shifts as needed
  • Being available for emergency situations when not on shift
  • Able to handle emergency situations independently

Salary: $13-14/hr DOE, performance review after 3 months

Hours/Days: 40 hours/week, days off vary; schedule subject to change at any time, required to work weekends and most holidays. Shift times vary, opening shifts start as early as 5am, closing shifts end as late as 9:30pm, every caregiver is on a variety of these shifts each week.

Benefits Package: Health insurance, vacation, and some paid holidays

How to Apply: Submit a cover letter and resume via email to, send resume in the body of email do not send attachments
In subject line, write Full-Time Animal Caregiver application.

Faxes cannot be accepted. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing


Full-Time Animal Caregiver, (Animal Place)-Grass Valley, CA

Organization Description: Animal Place is an animal rights organization promoting the complete protection of farmed animals and a vegan lifestyle. We operate a 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, CA that serves as a permanent safe haven for farmed animals and an education center. Adjacent to the Grass Valley Sanctuary is our Guest House, which houses visitors and volunteers. We also have a 12-acre rescue and adoption facility in Petaluma, CA, which provides temporary home for adoptable farmed animals, with a special emphasis on chickens from the egg industry. We operate an all-vegan store in Berkeley, CA, and facilitate multiple educational campaigns throughout the United States.

Job Title: Animal Caregiver

Job Status: Full-Time, Grass Valley

Immediate Supervisor: Animal Care Director

Job Description: The full-time Animal Caregiver assists in the care of 350+ animals (pigs, chickens, cows, turkeys, sheep, goats, rabbits, donkeys) at the sanctuary under supervision of the Animal Care Director. Animal Caregivers are responsible for the cleaning, feeding, and medical care of the animals. See below for specific responsibilities and duties.


  • Passionate about working for and with farmed animals
  • Keen interest in the animal welfare/rights movement is encouraged
  • Good animal behavior and observation skills
  • Strong communication and listening skills
  • Able to follow detailed instructions and meet time sensitive demands
  • Able to learn and process new information quickly
  • Team player and self motivator
  • Follows directions
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Able to work outdoors in all weather conditions, including cold/wet weather (average low is 35F) and hot summers (average high is 95-100F)
  • Able to lift 40-50 pounds and perform strenuous/manual labor
  • Work well with a variety of people
  • Committed to Animal Place’s mission and a desire to be a part of the Animal Place family
  • Willing to work on weekend/holidays/varying shift times
  • Valid driver’s license and good driving record (subject to verification)
  • Vegan diet preferred

Job Duties

  • Animal feeding/watering and maintaining animal feed schedules
  • Daily animal health care and maintaining treatment records
  • Daily cleaning duties and maintaining the shelter areas
  • Aiding with weekly health checks
  • Assisting with veterinary visits and setting up treatment protocols
  • Completing shelter projects as assigned

Hours/Days: 40 hours/week, days vary; schedule subject to change at any time, required to work most holidays.

Salary: $15/hour

Benefits: Health care coverage after 3-month probation period

Start Date: Immediate

How to Apply: Submit a cover letter and resume to
Please send both in the body of email and do not send attachments. In subject line, write Full-Time Animal Caregiver.


Various Positions (People, Pets & Vets)-Various Locations

Are you passionate about animals and would jump at the chance to interact with pets in an atmosphere where fun and compassion are the order of the day?
If you want to work at a veterinary clinic where your career will flourish under the guidance of a caring DVM team, People, Pets & Vets has a place for you as a
vet technician.


Competitive Wage & Benefits Package
Medical, Dental, Vision, STD/LIFE insurance
Paid Time Off
401K + 3% Employer Match
Continuing Education Allowance
Working with an awesome team



Registered Veterinary Technician (Capitola Veterinary Hospital)-Capitola, CA

Capitola Veterinary Hospital has an opening for a new member of our dynamic team dedicated to providing the highest standard of patient care with professional and friendly client service. We are a 3 Doctor, progressive, well equipped veterinary hospital in Santa Cruz seeking an experienced Veterinary Technician, RVT for full time position. Part time applicants may also be considered. Full time position benefits: personal pet care discount, uniform and CE stipend, paid vacation/holidays/sick days, health benefits, 401 K retirement plan We provide regular reviews and opportunities for advancement. Our hospital is equipped with in house Idexx lab, digital xrays (full body and dental), In house ultrasound, and companion therapy laser. We offer stem cell therapy and board certified consultations and procedures with outside specialists (surgery, radiology, cardiology, etc). We are a paperless practice and have won several awards for our environmentally friendly business. Our vibrant support team is experienced and cohesive allowing DVMs to focus on providing best client communication and quality care. Idyllic location blocks from the Monterey Bay with world class natural beauty and recreation balanced with cultural richness and quality of living. LVT/RVT or equivalent certification desired. Technicians are expected to be competent with obtaining history, phlebotomy, in house lab, IV catheter placement, intubation/anesthesia monitoring, surgical prep/assistance, radiography, restraint, etc. Applicants with previous dental experience (digital xrays, scaling/polishing, charting, etc) strongly desired. Previous laser therapy experience is helpful.

Please see our website for more details about our hospital and


Registered Veterinary Technician (Sterling Point Veterinary Clinic)-Lincoln, CA

The veterinary technician is the veterinarian’s primary medical support and plays a vital role within the practice. Registered Veterinarian Technicians (Technicians) must value the quality of care we provide at Sterling Pointe Veterinary Clinic (SPVC) and communicate it to clients. The technician aids the veterinarian in achieving greater efficiency in overall patient care.

Technicians will apply their professional technical skills in anesthesia, surgery, dentistry, laboratory testing, patient nursing care and client education. Technicians should know and be willing and able to perform and teach all tasks covered in the Animal Care Attendant and Technician/Veterinarian Assistant job descriptions as well as those in this job description. The technician must be a detail-oriented person who can make good decisions, respond quickly and calmly to crises and always maintain high standards of patient care. Technicians need to communicate clearly with the veterinarians, other practice personnel as well as with clients to ensure that patients receive the care that they need.

Technicians should enjoy working with people and animals. A technician’s focus is ever-changing according to the priority of the moment. This often requires significant multi-tasking and a creative thinking ability.

Technicians provide training, supervision and leadership for other members of the SPVC team. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to set a good example, promote a positive work environment and provide direction and motivation to co-workers are important aspects of the position. Education Qualifications

· Minimal high school degree or equivalence required.

· Ability to read and write legibly in English and to communicate clearly both in person and over the telephone.

· Registered technicians must be graduates of an AVMA accredited training school or program. They must be licensed with the state of California in good standing and must complete all professional requirements to maintain their licensure.

· Non-registered technicians must have accumulated enough on-the-job training and experience to be able to perform the duties described below. Non-registered technicians are responsible for knowing which duties they are legally prohibited from performing (i.e. inducing general anesthesia, performing dental extractions, etc.)

· Basic computer literacy, including typing, required. Experience with general office equipment and software such as Microsoft Windows, Word, and Excel is desired, as well as Idexx Cornerstone practice management software.

Essential Qualifications

· Must have competency in the skills required for veterinary technician licensure.

· Must genuinely enjoy working with animals even when they are stressed, ill or in pain. Calmly and safely restrain pets who may struggle, scratch or try to bite.

· General animal husbandry and/or specific veterinary experience is required.

· Employees must be able to respond calmly and quickly to frequent auditory signals, warnings, or communication from other staff, animals or medical equipment. Employees should be able to work unaffected in an environment where dogs are barking loudly or constantly.

· Must be able to make independent, common sense decisions and solve complex problems.

· Perform multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.

· Perform physical duties including repetitive standing, walking, bending, twisting, and some lifting up to 40lbs. Must be able to grasp, hold and manipulate objects.

· Must be able to observe abnormal behaviors and physical problems in patients.

· Technicians must be able to operate and maintain equipment pertinent to carrying out their duties, including but not limited to laboratory equipment, anesthesia and dental and radiographic equipment.

· Learn how to use the practice management software to enter services, medications, procedures and updates into patient record.

Registered Veterinary Technician Job Requirements Learning & Leadership

· Technicians must be able to perform, teach and supervise all the duties of a Technician/Veterinarian Assistant as described in the Technician/Veterinarian Assistant Job Description.

· Assist in training and supervision of Technician student interns and new Technicians.

· Provide staff leadership, for all tasks essential to the operation of SPVC, in a professional and personable way.

· Promote a positive attitude and demonstrate a commitment to the vision/mission of the practice.

· Make positive suggestions, at an appropriate opportunity, for how to improve practice protocols.

Patient Care

· Review the appointment schedule and plan for procedures.

· Assess patient status, review patient plan, perform hospitalized patient’s treatments according to the veterinarian’s orders and document such activity.

· Monitor patients for vomit, blood, urine and feces in the cage, and clean patients and cages as needed. Note incidents in the medical record.

· Monitor changes in patients’ conditions. Alert the veterinarian to significant changes.

· Know common disease states and alert the veterinarian when symptoms change or when concerns arise with hospitalized patients.

· Use technical skills to assist the veterinarian with out-patient care. Anticipate what the veterinarian will need for appointments and do everything you can to set up and assist the doctor.

· Manage emergency patient care and alert the veterinarian as soon as possible.

· Be able to recognize signs and degrees of pain and discomfort. Understand the medications and methods used to control pain.

· Perform emergency procedures including shock assessment and initiation of treatment, control of hemorrhage, establishing an airway by intubation and providing ventilation with oxygen, performing external cardiac massage, applying temporary bandages or splints and clipping and cleaning wounds.

· Recognize patients with potentially contagious diseases and follow isolation procedures. Be familiar with zoonotic diseases.

· Safely and humanely restrain patients.

· Perform common outpatient procedures (i.e. nail trims, ear cleanings, anal gland expression, etc) .

· Assist with humane euthanasia as requested.

· Properly calculate medication volumes and rates of administration.

· Administer injectable, topical and oral medications to patient.

· Perform venipuncture and place IV catheters and administer IV fluids using an IV pump according to the veterinarian’s orders.

· Perform cystocentesis and be familiar with the management of urinary catheters.

· Be proficient in the placement and administration nasal intubation for oxygen administration.

· Properly implant microchips and test their functionality.

· Be skilled in applying a variety of bandages.

· Perform routine dental scaling, polishing and fluoride. Recognize and bring to the veterinarian’s attention any abnormalities. Perform dental charting and document the procedure in the medical record.

· Update client/patient records including reminders and progress exams. Document all relevant conversations with clients (i.e. patient status updates, labwork results, etc.)

Laboratory Procedures

· Be able to type match blood samples. Obtain and administer whole blood or plasma transfusions. Monitor for transfusion reactions.

· Perform radiographs, including dental, and evaluate for proper positioning and exposure.

· Be proficient in conducting contrast imaging studies. Adhere to radiographic safety standards.

· Clean and maintain ultrasound and laboratory equipment.

· Know how to use common surgical, laser and diagnostic equipment (i.e. ECG, BP, sPO2, IOP, i-Stat, AlphaTrak, refractometer, centrifuge, etc.)

· Perform and document in-house lab tests, including blood smears, PCV/TP, urinalysis with sediments, fecal tests, skin/ear cytology, including ELISA snap tests.

Anesthesia and Surgical Assistance

· Understand aseptic principles and apply them at all times to surgical patients, instruments, equipment and rooms.

· Knowledge of various anesthetic agents and their use in different patients.

· Operate, interpret and maintain vital signs equipment and other general surgical equipment (vital signs monitor, surgical table, electrosurgical units, suction, etc.)

· Operate and maintain anesthetic machines with closed- and open-circuit anesthetic systems. Maintain oxygen supply and assure use of scavenger system.

· Knowledge of commonly used analgesics and resuscitative medications. Properly calculate emergency medication volumes.

· Knowledge of fluid therapies for intraoperative use (i.e. Normosol, hetastarch, hypertonic saline, plasma, whole blood) and properly calculate volumes and rates.

· Administer injectable and gas anesthesia according to standard practice protocols. Nonregistered technicians may not induce general anesthesia.

· Properly maintain a patient airway using endotracheal intubation.

· Monitor and maintain anesthetized patients by observation/manual parameters and by use of vital signs equipment.

· Perform standard surgical field preparation and patient positioning.

· Knowledge and maintenance of standard surgical instruments.

· Knowledge of a variety of surgical procedures and ability to anticipate what supplies and equipment are needed for surgical set-up.

· Assist the veterinarian in surgery as directed.

· Resuscitate and care for neonatal patients.

· Monitor and assure safety of patients during post-operative recovery. Perform extubation.

· Operate and maintain autoclave.

· Properly clean, prepare and sterilize surgical equipment.

· Maintain accurate surgery log.

· Perform post-operative client update calls upon patient recovery.

Management and Regulatory Tasks

· Perform laboratory, treatment and surgical inventory maintenance as requested.

· Receive deliveries. Check contents of the deliveries against invoices and immediately note package shortages or damaged shipments as necessary. When applicable, ensure that the appropriate MSDS information is present in the MSDS Binder for every product received onto the premises.

· Ensure that working areas are stocked with medical supplies at all times.

· Maintain controlled substance log, including CURES report. Keep controlled drugs secured to meet Drug Enforcement Agency and California state law specifications.

· Maintain radiology log to comply with applicable standards and/or California state laws.

· Maintain cleanliness and organization in the treatment area, surgery suite, imaging, cages and runs.

· Complete closing checklist for laboratory, treatment, imaging and surgery daily.

Employees are expected to act in the best interest of the practice, even if doing so requires actions or responsibilities not specifically listed in the job description. This job description is subject to addition, subtraction or revision by SPVC as needed

To apply, please email your resume to


Registered Veterinary Technician (Slate Creek Animal Hospital)-Placerville, CA

Are you looking to utilize your skills to the fullest and be appreciated for what you do? Are you seeking a small animal RVT/LVT position with room for growth? Do you want to enjoy where you work and the people you work with? Then you should apply to become the newest member of our team at Slate Creek Animal Hospital.

The Clinic: Slate Creek Animal Hospital is a full service, 4-doctor veterinary practice, located in Placerville, Ca and serving El Dorado County since the 1970’s. We are open 6 days a week and are committed to providing accessible, knowledgeable, and experienced care to our wonderful, dedicated clientele. We specialize in both small and large animal services in a compassionate, family environment.

We also offer:

· In House Lab and X-Rays

· A Brand New Dental Suite Equipped with Dental X-Ray

· Surgery Suite

· Newly Renovated Boarding Facility

· Large Animal Digital Radiology

The Position: We are looking for a full-time, experienced Technician who is friendly, caring, and compassionate. Our ideal fit is a motivated self-starter who wants to work hard but have FUN. Must be able to work Saturdays.

· Employee Discount

· Paid Vacation

· Sick Pay

· 401K with Employer Matching

Our Location: You will find us just 15 minutes east of Folsom and an easy 35 minute commute from the heart of Sacramento, nestled in the picturesque Sierra Foothills. Our clinic is on 2 acres bordered by a babbling creek that shares our name (Slate Creek). We are minutes from some of the most coveted areas of El Dorado County like Historic Downtown Placerville, Apple Hill, and Jenkinson Lake and just short drive from the Iconic Rubicon Trail, Desolation Wilderness and Lake Tahoe.

Interested? E-mail your resume with ATTN: Sarah in the subject line to or call Sarah Tuesday-Friday between 12:00 pm and 3:30 pm at (530) 622-9195.

We are looking for a full-time Veterinary Technician to join our busy, growing practice. Slate Creek Animal Hospital is a small and large animal veterinary hospital located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills. We are a 4-doctor practice that is open 6 days a week. We are committed to providing accessible, knowledgeable, and experienced care in our area and partner with our clients to provide the best options for their pets in a compassionate, family environment. We are looking for a friendly, caring, and compassionate technician to utilize to their full potential. A successful candidate will: *Have the ability to multi-task *Be a motivated self-starter *Communicate well with staff and clients *Induce and monitor anesthesia and recovery from surgery *Place IV catheters *Perform laboratory duties *Take digital radiographs *Be knowledgeable in vaccination protocols and flea, tick, and heartworm prevention *Be able to teach/mentor assistants *Be available for Saturday shifts

If this sounds like you, send a cover letter and resume with ATTN: Sarah in the subject line to or call Sarah Tuesday-Friday between 12:00 pm and 3:30 pm at (530) 622-9195.


Employee Discounts Paid Vacation IRA with employer matched contribution Sick pay Pay: DOE


Registered Veterinary Technician (Marysville Veterinary Hospital)-Marysville, CA

Marysville Veterinary Hospital is seeking a full-time (32-40 hours) Registered Veterinary Technician to join our small animal practice. License and experience are required.

Veterinary technicians must have a broad knowledge of animal science, medicine, and husbandry, including a basic knowledge of pharmacology and sufficient mathematical skills to ensure the administration of accurate drug and fluid doses. They must be able to successfully restrain animals, complete clinical laboratory tests, use multiple radiology techniques, administer and monitor animals under anesthesia, assist in surgery, and perform dental procedures. Technicians must also deliver compassionate nursing care. Candidates must have the physical strength and ability to stand for an entire shift when needed, and be able to lift pets and objects weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance.

The ideal candidate is a professional, people-oriented, team player, and possesses excellent communication, leadership and client service skills. Benefits include: compensation based on experience and education; paid time off; medical/dental/vision insurance; CE allowance; paid license fees; pet care; uniform allowance and more.

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit cover letter and resume by email to


Registered Veterinary Technician (Animal Spay and Neuter)-Auburn, CA

Animal Spay and Neuter in Auburn, CA is seeking a highly skilled Registered Veterinary Technician to assist our doctoral team with our spay and neuter surgeries. Animal Spay and Neuter is a high volume spay and neuter clinic that is well known in the region for performing low cost spay and neuter surgeries. We offer competitive wages, 4/10 schedule (Monday -Thursday), no weekends or major holidays, health insurance, PTO, and day only shifts. If you are looking for a different environment to practice your profession and work with a great team, then Animal Spay and Neuter just may be for you.

Purpose of Position: Ensure that surgical patients receive the proper medication, induction, and preparation for surgery. Interact with clients and staff professionally.

Primary Responsibilities

Essential Functions

o Patient paperwork

o Determine if surgical paperwork is correct

o Calculate drugs for premed & induction

o Put paperwork in order by species, gender, group, cage

o Patient surgical preparation

o Intubate patients

o Induce tame and feral animals for anesthesia

o Draw blood for testing

o Check eyes, ears, & body for any problems

o Bring up any noticed conditions to veterinarian

o Obtain blood/urine/feces for Idexx testing

o Run feline and canine snap blood testing

o Clip, scrub, prep patients for surgery

o Instill jugular or cephalic catheters for dogs

o Monitor patients under anesthesia

o Extract teeth

o Rotate between dog, female cat, & male cat stations

o Recovery

o Monitor cats post-surgery and return to kennels

o Monitor dogs post-surgery, extubate, and return to kennels

o Monitor surgical patients in kennels before and after surgery

o Bring any abnormalities in recovery to the attention of veterinarian

o Emergency procedures including intubation, administration of drugs, & CPR

o Monitor surgical flow

o Assist with clean up after surgery

o Accurately pack up cats for customer discharge

o Discharge patients in a timely manner

o Keep accurate drug logs of controlled substances used & report weekly

Non-essential functions

· Check slides for ear mites and parasites

· Run in-house testing: PCV, SG, urinalysis, fecals

· Prepare specimens for Idexx

· Laundry

· Clean feral traps

· Wrap surgical packs

· Treat cats for ear mites

· Inventory for ordering

Other duties and conditions required of this position:

· Requires compliance with all current Animal Spay & Neuter policies and procedures

· Requires frequent contact with public in a fast-paced and every changing work environment, which at times may be stressful or emotionally charged

· Involves exposure to hazardous chemicals, to animal dangers/diseases, bio-hazards such as blood borne pathogens, and animal/hospital waste, etc.

Special qualifications, education, skills, knowledge, and abilities:

· Requires high school degree and two (2) years experience in an veterinary environment

· Requires registered veterinary technician license in good standing

· Requires knowledge of handling/restraining of dogs and cats (feral/tame)

· Must be a teachable team player that follows directions completely

· Must demonstrate maturity, leadership skills, good judgment, and professionalism

· Requires good physical/mental health with no allergic condition which could be aggravated by exposure to animals

· Requires the ability to lift up to 50 lbs. and mobility to stretch/bend to the floor

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.00 to $20.00 /hour

Pay may depend on skills and/or qualifications

To apply, please send your resume to Danielle Quinton:


Registered Veterinary  Technician (Three Hearts Veterinary Hospital)-Oroville, CA

Three Hearts Veterinary Hospital is seeking skilled, compassionate RVTs to join our team! We are an all new, high tech and low stress hospital in Oroville, CA. We are fully equipped with a complete in house lab, digital radiographs, ultrasound, state of the art dental suite and radiography, and a beautiful, comfortable facility. Excellent clientele and patients, and the practice is growing quickly. We have a supportive, hard-working and fun team of veterinary professionals that love what they do, and are committed to high-quality, compassionate care. If this sounds like you, come see us! Offering very competitive salary, health insurance, and part time or full time scheduling with 4- 10 or 3- 12 hour shifts. (Enjoy a shorter work week). Strong skills in venipuncture, IV catheter placement, general anesthesia, medication administration, and client communication are required. Experience with dentistry and/ or exotic pets a plus. Looking forward to meeting you!

Apply online at and email Dr. Dallas Wentz:

RVT and Veterinary Assistant (Woodland Veterinary Hospital)-Woodland, CA

Are you adaptable, quick on your feet, and a team player?

Are you looking for a vet tech mentor?

Are you ready to find your new work family?

If you are completing your last semester and are looking for the next step in your RVT experience, apply today!

Email your Resume:


RVT (Channel Islands Veterinary Hospital)-Port Hueneme, CA AND (Las Posas Veterinary Medical Center)- Camarillo, CA

We are offering a signing bonus for an experienced (3+ years) Registered Veterinary Technician to join our team at our two well established veterinary hospitals in Ventura County, one in Port Hueneme, the other in Camarillo. For over 32 years our doctors and staff have been delivering a high level of medical care that both supports and educates our clients to provide their beloved pets the best of health care throughout their lives.

The purpose of this position is to become a team member of our hospital nursing staff and perform a variety of duties concerned with animal health and client education in support of our hospitals, assuring quality service for the patients who have been entrusted into our care. You will work in a team atmosphere directed by our doctors and our lead technician of the day. Your work will be reviewed in terms of the overall quality you provide our patients as well as your ability to be a strong participating member of our nursing team. Applicants should have a good work ethic and an enthusiastic attitude. Must be able to take direction and work well with others.

This position requires knowledge of hospital procedures and the spelling and meaning of commonly used veterinary terminology in order to accurately enter patient information into the medical record. It’s imperative to have a good understanding of the nutritional products (diets, supplements, etc.) medications (injectable, oral, topical, etc) and different types of lab tests used in our hospitals.

Depending on the type of career you’ve had as well as your level of experience, you will be assisted in further learning.


Specific skills required: patient assessment, digital radiology, digital dental radiology, venipuncture, placement of catheters, surgical prep, assisting surgeon, assist doctor with ultrasounds, endoscopies, monitoring anesthesia, patient recovery, dental prophies, lab work, pharmacy, care of hospitalized patients

Act as the eyes and ears for the doctors while the patient is in our care.

Assist in performance of a variety of technical and client education duties that facilitate the work of the doctors, kennel assistants and other managers who directly or indirectly provide patient care.

Oversee completion of daily checklists and weekly maintenance logs.

Refer charts to the hospital manager for questions concerning charges and to the appropriate veterinarian for questions concerning treatment.

This is a full-time position that includes one weekend day. We offer a competitive compensation package, profit sharing (fully funded by the hospitals), medical insurance, paid vacation, employee discounts for personal pets and uniforms. We are dedicated to providing continuing education, job satisfaction and a goal-oriented, fast-paced energizing position. We hope you will consider joining our multi-doctor practices and support staff in offering exceptional and compassionate pet care.

Salary Range: $20-25/hr. Weekend and holiday shifts are paid at a higher rate.

To apply: please send resume to


Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist (Gridley Veterinary Hospital)-Gridley, CA

We are a growing, small animal veterinary hospital that is looking for an applicant that is dedicated to providing excellent patient care and has a warm welcoming personality. This applicant should be driven, self starting, be able to multitask and can pay attention to detail. This team member has to have excellent interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with other staff, the doctor, and clients. We are looking for part time help that could turn into full time. Computer literacy is a must the applicant should be able to type 45 words/min, basic understanding of how to navigate cloud based computer systems. Flexibility with scheduling is needed. Some clerical days required.

Duties of an assistant are to help with the flow and safety of the patient, so that every customer and pet has an enjoyable visit. Experience of one year is preferred.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Knowledge of vaccination protocol for felines and canines.

Understanding protocol for flea, tick, and heartworm prevention

Assist Doctor in rooms be able to set up procedures

Handling of animals in a safe and fear free techniques

Obtain TPR and history

Fill prescriptions and provide client education on medications.

Gridley Veterinary Hospital

27 East Gridley Road

Gridley, CA 95948


Registered Veterinary Technician (Animal Medical Center)-Auburn, CA


♦ Desire to work on a full-time basis in a small animal practice setting, located in a wonderful area of the Sierra Nevada foothills

♦ Love to provide great patient care and practice high quality medicine

♦ Feel a strong obligation to treat patients thoroughly

♦ Prefer clients who see their pets as members of the family and want to provide them with the best possible care

♦ You desire to practice in a setting that supports and participates in community activities

♦ You desire to be rewarded well financially and professionally because you bring a lot to your patients and our team


♦ Locally owned since 1982

♦ Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. The practice is a 2.5 hour drive west to the Bay Area and a 1 hour plus drive east to the Lake Tahoe area

♦ AAHA Accredited

♦ High level of collegiality amongst all the staff in the practice

♦ Fully equipped with digital radiography, digital dental radiography, ultrasound, in house Idexx lab, Dentalaire


♦ Starting pay based on years of practice experience, education and ability

♦ Competitive Compensation

♦ CE financial allowance + paid days for attendance

♦ Employer contribution to SIMPLE IRA plan

♦ Employer paid licensing fees

♦ Health Insurance plan contribution

♦ Paid vacation, holiday and sick leave


♦ Interest in all aspects of small animal medicine, care and service

♦ Ability to get along well with others in all areas of professional responsibilities

♦ Enjoyment in giving lots of great client service

♦ Availability to start ASAP or following appropriate notice to your current employer

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to:


RVT and Veterinary Assistant (Romie Lane Pet Hospital & Veterinary Emergency Care)-Salinas, CA 

We are looking for highly motivated and professional staff. One or two licensed RVTs and at least one unlicensed Veterinary Asst positions available, depending on work schedule availability. Full time preferred. One full or part time receptionist needed with a minimum of 6 mths experience in a veterinary hospital. Emergency hours end at midnight and currently no one is required to work emer hours. Emer pay differential in some cases. Licensed staff also receive paid license fees, CVMA, AVMA, and AAHA memberships. CE required for maintenance of license also offered. No students unless graduating within 60 days will be considered at this time. RVT graduates who have not passed the exam will be offered a free exam. Signing bonuses considered on a case by case basis. New management system and significantly increased wage structure since last vacancy posting. Starting salary is competitive and commensurate with experience but promotions are based on performance! In-house training opportunities at uncommonly high level from vastly experienced doctors and RVTs. Highly experienced non-licensed staff may earn as much as $17/hour; RVT’s currently $17-20. Higher wages may be negotiated in exceptional cases. If you are aware of a higher wage being offered, tell us! We strive to be competitive in all areas. Highest employee discount legally allowed by IRS, paid Anthem Blue Cross health insurance (50%), 2 weeks paid vacation and one week paid sick leave per year for full time staff. Part time staff earn Vacation and sick leave at a prorated basis. Small animal handling and exposure are required for vet asst jobs at this time. VA certificate completion definitely considered a plus for non-licensed positions. Must be willing and physically able to learn and perform all tasks in the hospital. Must have excellent communication skills and ability to learn. A high level of ethical behavior is expected and enforced, including treatment of coworkers and management. Cover letters for clarification and describing future goals will be appreciated and considered. No temporary help need apply. Full time or part time will be considered. High school grad required We provide exceptional levels of medicine and service. 50 to 75% Saturdays required by all non-licensed staff. RVTs may be asked to work ¼ Sats. Closed Sundays (unless they are a Holiday), kennels done by non-licensed staff. No bilingual requirements.

Respond with a resume by email and/or complete an application at our office or call (831) 726-3339. All applicants will eventually be required to complete one of our formal applications. One can be emailed to you but must be printed out for completion, cannot be completed online.

Email Address:

755 E Romie Lane

Salinas, CA 93901


Registered Veterinary Technician (For the Love of Pets Veterinary Hospital)-Grass Valley, CA

We are looking to add a full time RVT to our team. Please email your resume to or stop by the hospital to fill out an application and submit your resume. We look forward to hearing from you.

For the Love of Pets Veterinary Hospital
561 Idaho-Maryland Road
Grass Valley, CA 95945

P 530.477.5683
F 530.477.2775


Large Animal Veterinary Technician/Assistant (Sierra Valley Large Animal Veterinary Service)-Chilcoot, CA

Work schedule: 10-hour days M-F with some after hours on call weeknights and rotating on call weekends for emergencies. Must have prior equine handling experience & knowledge (previous veterinary experience preferred but not required) Must be friendly and professional, responsible, work well with others, flexible, efficient, compassionate, patient, have a positive attitude, be a highly motivated self-starter, able to work under stressful conditions when necessary, willing to stay late when needed, willing and able to perform some manual labor, have basic computer skills, good communication skills, valid driver’s license.

Education Requirement: Minimum of High school diploma or equivalent. Duties include but are not limited to: Equine: Horse restraint & handling for general exams, vaccines, dentals, lameness exams, wounds etc. Administering medications, patient monitoring, taking X-rays, blood draws, running blood work, assisting with surgeries, stall cleaning. Some Goat/sheep restraint & handling for exams, vaccines, etc. & some cattle work. General hospital and vet truck maintenance & cleaning, restocking, autoclaving, laundry, some client communication, occasionally answering phones & helping with front office work. Pay: dependent on previous experience, vet tech licensing etc.

Please email resumes to –


Licensed Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Technician in Training (SPCA of Northern Neveda)-Reno, NV

SPCA of Northern Nevada is looking to expand our shelter clinic team.

We are seeking a Licensed Veterinary Technician or VTIT professional who is committed to supporting a team that practices progressive, high quality medicine. We want someone who is passionate about saving animals and who wants to continue to learn and grow.

Applicants must supply a cover letter and resume. In your cover letter list three service offered at the adoption center (this information can be found on our website). Applicants without a cover letter and resume will not be considered.

The LVT or VTIT will be performing a variety of tasks in order to help the clinic operations run smoothly. Tasks include but are not limited to the following:

  • Surgery – patient preparation, IV catheter placement, intubation, induction, anesthesia monitoring, and post-operative recovery and care.
  • Dentistry – prophylactic cleanings, dental xrays, and periodontal treatment.
  • Treatments for hospitalized/sick patients including IV fluid therapy, medication administration, vital monitoring, etc.
  • Data entry in PetPoint


  • Veterinary Technician Requirements:
  • The ideal Veterinary Technician will have at least one year of recent experience working in a veterinary hospital
  • Must have current Nevada veterinary technician license or VTIT license
  • Candidates should be able to work in a team environment, be self-reliant, self-motivated, detail oriented, organized and able to multi-task
  • Shelter or rescue experience appreciated
  • Must be willing/available to work on weekends

*VERY IMPORTANT – Applicants without a cover letter and resume will not be considered.

About you:

The right candidate will have a consistent and genuinely positive attitude. Must have a passion for animals, and excellent customer-service skills. Thrives on working collaboratively as part of a team and willing to pitch in to help others. Must be able to manage difficult or emotional situations.

About Us:

We were voted Best Nonprofit in 2017 by the Chamber of Commerce, and Best Nonprofit Group in 2018 by the Reno News and Review. We were also a finalist for the Best Places to Work Award in 2017, 2018 and 2019!

SPCA of Northern Nevada offers excellent benefits that include health, dental and vision insurance, 8 paid holidays, PTO and sick time. Most of all we provide a working environment where you will be respected and appreciated. We have an amazing team!

The SPCA of Northern Nevada is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions on the basis of merit. In accordance with applicable law, the SPCA prohibits harassment or discrimination based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital or domestic partnership status, status, age (40 years and above), national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, medical condition, or any other consideration protected by federal, state or local laws. All such harassment or discrimination is strictly prohibited.

Please do your homework before applying. You would be shocked how many people apply yet have never even visited our website let alone our animal adoption center.

  • If this sounds like the career for you, you must provide an updated resume and cover letter. In your cover letter briefly describe why you would be the ideal candidate. Please send both to

LVT start at $20 – $25 per hour DOE

VTIT start at $13 per hour


Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) or Assistant (Davies Animal Hospital)-Yuba City, CA

We’re a busy, progressive small animal veterinary hospital in Yuba City. In search of a kind, caring individual with good people skills and technical skills/knowledge for a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) or an assistant position.

Ideal candidates would thrive in a fast-paced environment, perform various roles such as Exam Room Technician, Treatment Room Technician, and (RVT) Surgery Technician. Technician responsibilities include obtaining history from clients, assisting in exam rooms, client education, venipuncture, IV catheter placement, SQ/IV/IM injections, obtaining digital radiographs, performing treatments as directed by the doctors, preparing samples to be sent to outside laboratories, assist in record keeping and performing in-house bloodwork. Technicians also prepare patients for surgery, intubate, monitor anesthesia, perform dental cleanings and obtain digital dental radiographs. Can respond to owners’ inquiries in a professional, helpful manner to create a warm family experience with clients. We are open weekdays 8-6pm, Saturdays 8-4pm, and we are closed on Sundays and all major holidays.

Please stop by to drop off a resume at your earliest convenience!

Davies Animal Hospital

1630 Sierra Ave, Yuba City 95993


Registered Veterinary Technician-(Creekside Pet Hospital)-North Highlands, CA

Small family owned animal hospital looking for someone who wants to be part of the team long term. We are growing and soon will be moving to a bigger facility. We work as team and family and are looking for someone who is self-motivated, enthusiastic, energetic, and loves animals. RVT or a recent graduate is encouraged to apply, pervious experience in veterinary practice is a plus but not required. Our furry patients include dogs and cats mainly but we also see rabbits from time to time.

Potential hire that is willing learn and expand skills that will be utilizing include: venipuncture, catheter placement, surgical prepping and assisting, anesthesia monitoring, restraining, radiology, physical examinations, dentistry, pharmacy – dispensing and properly label medications, pre op and post op procedures for hospitalized patients, vaccine preparation and administrating, process payments, review paperwork with clients. Candidate will be crossed trained to work in the front office and back.

Feel free to call or drop off a resume; we’re open 6 days a week. M-F 8am to 7pm and Saturdays 9am to 4pm.


You may also fax your resume: 916-332-0720

Creekside Pet Hospital

4980 Watt Ave Suite B

North Highlands, 95660


Registered Veterinary Technician (Durham Veterinary Hospital)-Durham, CA

We are a 3 doctor, family-owned and operated small animal hospital looking for a dedicated new team member. We are looking for a California licensed RVT interested in working full-time.

With capabilities such as digital whole body and dental xray, ultrasound, and video endoscopy, we strive to provide Durham and the surrounding communities with high quality care.

Our mission is to make our clients feel like family and work within their means to maintain the bond they have with their pet.

The right person is someone with excellent communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team, and is willing to learn. Reception experience is a bonus. We are especially interested in a person who is looking for a long-term position.

Please submit a resume to:
Durham Veterinary Clinic
PO BOX 623/9417 Midway
Durham, CA 95938


Registered Veterinary Technician (River Oak Veterinary Hospital)-Riverbank, CA

River Oak Veterinary Hospital in Riverbank, California (near Modesto) is searching for a candidate to fill a registered veterinary technician opening. River Oak is a 2-doctor, small animal and exotic animal practice. The veterinary practice has resided in the city for 50 years. Qualifications being considered included: RVT license; a candidate in good standing with the veterinary medical board; and a desire to assist clients with their animals. Salary is dependent upon experience. New graduates will be considered. Benefits include: paid vacation (after 6 months); continuing education stipend, professional membership dues and licensing fees; health insurance options and a retirement plan. Applicants can expect to work at least 1 Saturday per month. In house chemistries, CBC, digital x-rays, and ultrasound are tools used frequently at our hospital. Our doctors can often assist with minor procedures as well as preventative care to some orthopedic surgeries.

All interested applicants may send a resume to


Employment Opportunities at the Sacramento SPCA

​There are several positions open including RVT, veterinary assistant, animal care attendant, animal intake supervisor, development services specialist, behavior and training instructor, and adoption counselor.

The Sacramento SPCA is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome all applicants. All prospective employees will be required to submit to a background check done through the Sacramento SPCA prior to employment. All positions listed below are open until removed from this page.

Questions? Write: or correspond to:

Human Resources
Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Road
Sacramento, CA 95828


Registered Veterinary Technician or Assistant (Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic)-Lakeport, CA

Our busy 4 doctor, friendly small animal practice in Lakeport is looking for a veterinary technician or assistant to join our excellent staff. Do you have strong communication skills, multi-tasking, and the ability to work without direct supervision? Do you have strong nursing skills including venipuncture, catheter placement, dentistry, anesthesia, radiology, in house lab and patient restraint or are you looking to gain this experience? Our goal is to provide excellent patient care and customer service to our clients, and provide a safe, happy, healthy, educational, and enjoyable work environment for our employees. We are a full service hospital with a complete in house lab, dentistry, surgery, radiology, ultrasound and endoscopy. We do specialize in orthopedic surgery. We also triage local injured wildlife. The position is 4 days a week, 8 am to approximately 5:30pm.

If this sounds like a good match for you, please submit your resume to or fax it to 707-263-1525. We offer great benefits and salary commensurate with experience.


Registered Veterinary Technician or Part Time Receptionist (West Roseville Veterinary Hospital)-Roseville, CA

 Our privately owned veterinary hospital is looking to add another RVT to our team. We are looking for someone who is self motivated, professional, and has compassion for all of our patients/ clients.

*We offer a flexible schedule, paid time off, CE reimbursement, health benefits, and 401k.
*Competitive RVT compensation, with a current RVT License.

Our RVT’s primarily responsible for surgery/ dental procedures.
Candidate must be proficient in:
Placing IVC
Urinary Catheters
Place Bandages
Diagnositic Radiographs/ Dental Radiographs
Dental prophylaxis
Simple Dental extractions
Drug Calculations
Anesthesia induction/ monitoring/ recovery
Knowledge of commonly used medications
Client communication/ education

Experience with Cornerstone is a plus!

 Those interested can email their resume to