The Yuba College Veterinary Technology Program is devoted to providing the student with the education needed to enable immediate employability of graduates at an entry level, meeting the high demand for veterinary technicians in today’s workplace.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are the intended knowledge, skills and abilities a student should develop as the result of attending a college, successfully completing coursework, or earning a degree. The Veterinary Technology Program SLOs relate directly to the mission of Yuba College as reflected by the institutional student learning outcomes.

  1. Demonstrate competence in the husbandry, restraint and handling of animals to include knowledge of normal and abnormal life processes, and the diagnostic, medical and surgical techniques needed to enhance and preserve human and animal health.
    1. Related Institutional SLO: Scientific Awareness
  2. Apply critical thinking skills when confronted with issues and problems in veterinary medical practice.
    1. Related Institutional SLO: Critical Thinking
  3. Display behavior consistent with the highest professional ethics to foster personal growth and civic responsibility.
    1. Related Institutional SLO: Personal Growth and Social Responsibility

It should be noted that each course within the Veterinary Technology curriculum will have course-specific student learning outcomes. It is with the accomplishment of these SLOs that the more broadly-based Program learning outcomes are actualized.