Standards & Training for Corrections (STC)
Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)
832 p.c. Peace Officer Orientation

STC Certification: 244-59258 (40 hour); 244-59260 (24 hour)
POST Certification: 4900-80102 (40 hour); 4900-80101 (24 hour)
Certified Hours:  Laws of Arrest (40 hour, 5-days); Firearms (24 hours, 3-days)

Course Interest Forms

Course Dates (course dates are always subject to change)

Spring 2024 Laws of Arrest (40 Hour Course) Dates:
*Monday-Friday — January 22 to January 26, 2024

*(tentative) Monday-Friday — May 13 to May 17, 2024

  • Address: 2088 North Beale Rd, Maryville CA 95901, Bldg 2100, Rm 2150
  • Parking Decal is $2.00/day for 5 days or $40.00 for semester –  E-Plates Exempt
    Please note: we can no longer invoice agencies for parking after the fact, students will need to buy passes through their student portals and be reimbursed by their department OR a department representative can call Yuba College PD and pay by Visa/Mastercard over the phone (530) 741-6771. 
  • Schedule is Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., 1 hour lunch

Spring 2024 Range (24 Hour Course) Dates:
*Friday-Sunday — February 2 to February 4, 2024

*(tentative) Friday-Sunday — May 31 to July 2, 2024

    • Address: First day from 8a.m. to noon: 2088 North Beale Road, Maryville CA 95901, Bldg 2100, Room 2148
    • Parking Decal is $2.00/day for 1 day (kiosk in parking lot); E-Plates Exempt
    • Range location maps provided by staff (Sutter and Yuba County Range Facilities)
    • Limited weapons available for loan; more information provided upon enrollment/orientation letter

Class Dress Code:

Rules & Regulations Revised-December 2021

  • Classroom
    • Business Casual
  • Defensive Training (8 hours within Laws of Arrest)
    • White, black or navy/dark blue comfortable T-Shirt (vendor of choice)
    • Black, blue or gray sweatpants only; no shorts.  Sweatpants should be loose fitted with elastic bands at ankles; no spandex yoga leggings (vendor of choice)
    • No AJ uniform requirements but if you want to purchase, please use our vendor:  King Clothing
    • Mat/Soft Shoes recommended
  • Range Training
    • Handgun Ammo (YC uses Glock 19 handguns if loaners are used) – 750 rounds purchase from vendor of choice (student is responsible for supplying)
      • 9mm, .40, .45 caliber; reputable manufacturer, semi-automatic, double-single action only
    • Safety Glasses and ear protectors required
    • Magazine Carrier/Holster (Yuba College, agency issued or provide your own)
    • Gun cleaning kit required
    • Duty Belt must be leather or nylon (do not mix types) – Yuba College, agency issued or provide your own)
    • BDU pants or comfortable blue jeans
    • Black, polished leather, plain rounded toe or comfortable shoes
    • Baseball cap required (vendor of choice).  Please do not wear red, as red designates an instructor.
    • Protective Vest (Ballistic Vest) – Agency or Yuba College Issued

Course Fees:

  • California Resident $46.00 unit x 1.5 units 40 hour Laws of Arrest = $69.00
  • California Resident $46.00 unit x .5 unit 24 hour Range = $23.00
  • Student Fee for semester (one time fee) = $10.00
  • Personal vehicle parking decal (5 days/40 hour) = $10.00 ; (1 day/24 hour) = $2.00 – Kiosk in East parking lot
    • If taking other semester courses, $40.00 semester pass: purchase through student portal or contact Yuba College PD (530) 741-6771
    • E-Plated vehicles Exempt
  • POST Workbooks Volume I-V (Laws of Arrest) = $22.52 and/or Volume V (Range)  = $6.45 will be provided as hard copies
    • Workbooks will be provided in Canvas or memory stick

*  Sponsored students with out-of-state residency should contact Public Safety.  Information provided is always subject to change.


  • Create or update CCC Apply & Yuba College Account — Step 1 (two-step process)
  • Medical Clearance is required for these courses
  • DOJ clearance required for Range
  • Staff will assist with enrollment once YC enrollment application is complete and clearance forms submitted.
  • Cashier:  530-741-6724 or

The Arrest and Firearms (PC 832) course consists of two components, which total a minimum of 64 hours. The Arrest component has a 40-hour requirement, and the Firearms component has a 24-hour requirement. These components are divided into 14 individual topics, called Learning Domains. The Learning Domains contain the minimum required foundational information for given subjects. The training and testing specifications for a particular domain may also include information on required instructional activities and testing requirements. The specific learning domains are identified in the PC 832 training specifications.