Chemistry Award

Presented for Outstanding Achievement in General Chemistry (1A/B).
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Engineering, Math and Physics Award

The Engineering, Math, Physics and Computer Science departments of Yuba College have been giving an annual “EMP Award” since 1990. The past and present faculty (Klein, Flaherty, Gaal, Syda, Chin, Thoo, Fruhling, Joksch, Heaton, Steverson, Wardlaw, Fiering, Johl, Torres, Davidson, Kovacs, Stemman, Vaughan and Vanucci) in those areas have donated a little cash, then met to vote on the outstanding Sophomore(s) each year. A number of alumni have also generously joined the effort. The cash award goes to help the recipient upon transfer to a four-year institution. A perpetual plaque honoring the awardees is displayed on campus. All past recipients have gone on to distinguished academic and/or professional careers. The EMP award has surely been a worthwhile effort.

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