Natural Resources at Yuba College

Yuba Water Agency’s New Colgate Powerhouse

Yuba Water Agency’s New Colgate Powerhouse – water resource management is critical to natural resource professionals.


Natural resources is a rapidly emerging discipline that incorporates both environmental conservation and technology.  Students in the Natural Resources programs learn about the scientific, economic, and social aspects of natural resource management, with an emphasis on soils, water, and forestry.  Courses include Ecology,  Pedology, and Dendrology, as well as introductory courses in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Students also gain practical skills through fieldwork, lab work, and internships that provide hands-on experience in natural resource management.  Yuba College recognizes the value of this multidisciplinary field and looks to grow the program in the future.

Certificates in Natural Resources


Carmen Bowen
Assistant Professor of Earth Science
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Korey Champe
Assistant Professor of Earth Science
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530-749-3854 fax (shared)

Career Opportunities in Natural Resources

There are many career opportunities in natural resources in California and the US, as both regions are home to a wide range of natural resources, including forests, fisheries, minerals, oil, and gas.

In California, some of the most promising career opportunities in natural resources include positions in environmental science, forestry, wildlife management, fisheries management, water resource management, and renewable energy development. Some of the major employers in the state include the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California Energy Commission, and the US Forest Service.

In the US, natural resources careers can be found in both the public and private sectors. The federal government is a major employer in natural resources, with agencies such as the National Park Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management offering a wide range of career opportunities. In addition, private companies involved in natural resource extraction, such as oil and gas companies and mining companies, offer career opportunities in areas such as engineering, geology, and environmental science.

Overall, natural resources careers can be highly rewarding and offer opportunities to make a positive impact on the environment and society.  Many positions in this field require advanced education and specialized training, so individuals interested in pursuing a career in natural resources should be prepared to invest in their education and gain relevant experience through internships or entry-level positions.

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