Estimated Costs for Two-Year Program: $5543

California Community College Enrollment Fee ($46 per unit and Vet Tech Program is 63 units):

CA Resident: $2,898 (Non-Resident: $13,860)

Skill Tracking Software (Trajecsys): $150 **Starting Fall 2021**

Uniform-Navy Blue Scrubs: $100

Drug/Background Screening: $95

Stethoscope: $120

Books & Supplies: $1200 – $2100 (estimate dependent upon student choice of rental or purchase of used vs. new texts)

Radiation Detection Badges: $80 ($20 per semester)

Financial aid is available for qualified students attending the Yuba Community College District. For more information, or an application, contact: Yuba Community College District Financial Aid Office at: (530) 741-6781 or online at


General scholarships and ones specifically for the Veterinary Technology student are available each year. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office of Yuba College to determine eligibility criteria and filing dates for the general scholarships. Veterinary Technology scholarship information is sent out by the Program instructors each Spring.