Yuba Community College subscribes to the philosophy that athletics plays an integral role in the total education process and is dedicated to providing a total educational experience for each student enrolled in the College. The College believes in the unique contribution of athletics to the total College curriculum in that it promotes growth in, and awareness toward leadership, character, physical fitness, and the need for life-long participation in activity; and also enhances the lives and contributes to the total development of those who engage in the sports and activities provided. The College also believes that an exemplary physical education program, including recreation and health, provides a sound basis for an intercollegiate athletic program and meets the student interest needs through the offering of a variety of activities and levels of competition.

The College supports the need for encouraging the development of programs for the highly skilled student-athlete and will promote a variety of programs, support services, and activities which are necessary to meet the needs of these men and women. The College also is aware of and supportive of the concepts of Title IX and will exhibit equal opportunity in athletics.

It is the philosophy of the College to strive to maintain the optimum level of teaching and coaching, as well as support from the community, the Board of Trustees, the District, and the College administration, faculty, and students. The District will also strive to coordinate and control intercollegiate athletic competition so that the result will be compatible with the State Athletic Code, the Bay Valley Conference Constitution and By-Laws, and the highest standards of conduct. The College’s aim is for the experiences of all participants to reflect dignity and exemplify competition at its finest.

Yuba Community College operates with this basic philosophy of purpose to best accomplish and fulfill the goals of wholesome and desirable experiences for all participants and to offer the opportunity for students of the College to reach their full athletic potential.