New Sport Questionnaire

Click the email link below. It will create a ready-to-send email with questions for you to answer regarding interest in an un-offered sport at Yuba College.


Please respond to these questions:
Your interest and feedback could drive the start of Yuba’s newest sport in the very near future.
1) What sport are you interested, and what would you say is your skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?
2) Would you be able to commit to the practice and competition schedule associated with your preferred sport/s (15-20 hours per week), including possibly evenings and/or Saturday’s depending on the sport?
3) Would you be able to commit to enrolling in 12 units (9 of those units in “academic” classes) in the semester of competition, work to complete 24 units across 2 semesters, and be bound by all college, conference, and state rules of eligibility and decorum? (details can be found here:
4) With the limited college resources, would you be able to fundraise on behalf of that sports program, within reasonable amounts asked by the program’s coach?
5) Would it be your goal to continue participation in that sport at a 4-year institution?

Also, please respond with your Yuba College ID#, to verify your enrollment at Yuba College.

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